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I love taking photos with my iPhone, especially since the newest iPhone came out – the camera is amazing! Better than my little compact digital camera and smaller. Plus there are all the fun photo apps available. My favourite of these is Instagram, with which I took the photos below.

From the top left:

  • 1. Some of the random items on my desk
  • 2. Cute little Pippin!
  • 3. Pippin and Merry, geeking out on my desk
  • 4. Some of my retro cookbooks
  • 5. Cat vs Human book – so funny!
  • 6. Apple Pie Cookies, recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Delicious!
  • 7. Churros, mmmm yum!
  • 8. Merry, all sleepy and cute!
  • 9. Action figure of the Eleventh Doctor.

And yes, I totally failed with Blogtoberfest. Two posts in October, oops! Here’s hoping that I manage more posts in November!


A Photo Post

A photo taken with my iPhone of the nighttime. Not perfect, but relaxing somehow.

Our older tea strainers. Cute, but not so usable.

A yummy seafood risotto, I had with my love. During Christmas shopping; a welcome treat!



I am a gamer (Blogtoberfest Day 2)

I love games. Computer games. I’ve been a gamer since way back in the 1990s when Apogee software was producing some of the best games to ever grace the PC. I remember the excitement of receiving the latest shareware games catalog. In the mail, printed on paper. Back then, the ‘web’ was in the form of a local bulletin board or bbs. Sidenote: First PC game I bought was Legend.

After a while, there was the beginning of the current web, accessed using Netscape. Wow! It was exciting! I wish I still had my very first web page. I possibly do, somewhere. If I find it, I shall share it. It has lots of animated .gif files and very basic html.

Anyhoo, back to games. The first PC game I remember being excited about was Doom (id Software). I remember seeing the full page artwork for it in PC User magazine. It looked so amazing and so different from the basic graphic games we currently had. Things like Paganitzu and Duke Nukem. And when it came out, I kicked death-match butt! I was good, even if I do say so myself (and it was usually death-match via null-modem cable). hehe For those non-gamers, death-match is playing head-to-head with another, real player.

I am still a gamer today, although I will admit, at times I am more of a casual gamer. I go between full on gamer when I have Fallout 3 or Oblivion type games to play, to casual gamer with my love of the simple, Farmville via FaceBook. Or even light-hearted games on the Wii like Animal Crossing: City Folk/Let’s Go To The City. In a couple of weeks when Fallout: New Vegas is released, I will turn back into serious gamer girl!

Do you play any PC/Mac games? How about web-based games? If you play Farmville, let me know – maybe we can be friends?! I also play games on the iPhone (AngryBirds, Peggle, Battleship etc), and within GameCenter I am SquirrelKitty.

Here are some pics of my characters in a few games, I’m missing one from Oblivion, shall find one tomorrow!

My character in Dragon Age.

My character in Fallout 3.

My character in Farmville, on FaceBook.

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I love collecting!

Above is a blurry, but artistic (yes?) photo of some of our collection of things. On a very cool, retro wicker shelfy thing. If you squint, you can kinda make out some of my squirrels, my Japanese Kitty bowls, a lucky Cat, my London bus collection, a retro clock from my Mum & Dad and some of my plastic fruit. I lurve me some plastic fruit. And miniature food, but that’s another story. Oh! – and you can see my cow milk jug! I looked for that for ages and was quite chuffed when I found one!

Can you spy our faboo flower lights in the back? They are from Ikea and are so pretty. I want some fairy lights too, to hang around my desk. The shiny and sparkly is always good!

On another note, what are some of the regular meme type things that bloggers do every week? I’m out of touch and would love to know what is around now. Share?

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Playing with Hipstamatic

I recently found some old scrapbook stickers or stencils that I bought in the late 80s. I’m not totally sure what they were called, if they have a proper name. They are a sheet of images that you cut out and then glue to your scrapbook or letters.

Spying them on my desk I took some photos and played with one of my favourite apps, Hipstamatic. Love, love this app, you can get some really fun photo affects with it. It really is worth the money if you like taking photos with your iPhone.