Feeling Sorry for Myself

There I was, planning a most magnificent, I thought, meal of baked lemon pepper chicken with fresh corn on the cob, roast carrots, bok choy & couscous. I started by slicing the carrots to act as a bed for the chicken to roast on. I’d sliced 80% of them when the knife slipped and it was not a carrot that I cut but my left thumb. Deeply. Ruh roh.

– Squeamish people look away –

Unlike my previous cuts, this one was…umm…dripping and pooling. I almost fainted. I was lucky I was not home alone and my parents were there to help. A quick fetch of a washcloth + lots of pressure and it was down to the local doctors. I was seen quickly and had a choice of stitches or suture strips. Strips were applied, then a gauze wrap & a tetanus injection. The gauze bandage turned my thumb bluey black (too tight – omigosh that hurt as much as the wound!) so back into the medical centre where a splint (MacGyvered tongue depressor) and bandage was applied. Better.

I have strict instructions to not use my left hand/thumb at all for at least four days (hence my pecking at the keyboard one-handed & needing hubbie’s help) not get it wet and return to the Dr on Saturday to check everything is okay. It hurts. Owwies. *throb*

So no doing much until the weekend. No work and NO crochet or knitting. *sniff* Lucky I borrowed Villette earlier on today. Sigh.

Do some crochet, knitting and craftiness for me, dear readers.