Feeling Sorry for Myself

There I was, planning a most magnificent, I thought, meal of baked lemon pepper chicken with fresh corn on the cob, roast carrots, bok choy & couscous. I started by slicing the carrots to act as a bed for the chicken to roast on. I’d sliced 80% of them when the knife slipped and it was not a carrot that I cut but my left thumb. Deeply. Ruh roh.

– Squeamish people look away –

Unlike my previous cuts, this one was…umm…dripping and pooling. I almost fainted. I was lucky I was not home alone and my parents were there to help. A quick fetch of a washcloth + lots of pressure and it was down to the local doctors. I was seen quickly and had a choice of stitches or suture strips. Strips were applied, then a gauze wrap & a tetanus injection. The gauze bandage turned my thumb bluey black (too tight – omigosh that hurt as much as the wound!) so back into the medical centre where a splint (MacGyvered tongue depressor) and bandage was applied. Better.

I have strict instructions to not use my left hand/thumb at all for at least four days (hence my pecking at the keyboard one-handed & needing hubbie’s help) not get it wet and return to the Dr on Saturday to check everything is okay. It hurts. Owwies. *throb*

So no doing much until the weekend. No work and NO crochet or knitting. *sniff* Lucky I borrowed Villette earlier on today. Sigh.

Do some crochet, knitting and craftiness for me, dear readers.


  1. Wow, you’re just like me. My weapon of choice is cheese grater – my fingers are covered in grater wounds. Big ones. One day I grated almost to the bone. Eek!

    I hope your thumb recovers quickly!


  2. Ouch, that must hurt, it won’t throb as much if you keep it elevated. Not sure how that will work at bed time!!


  3. oohh, I bet that smarts……I wondered if your typing finger is up to it if you’d be interested in being tagged? Let me know and I’ll send you the details……..Deb


  4. Thanks all! Throbbing has finally stopped. I had to remove the splint as it was pressing on my knuckle and hurting worse than the cut! Still have a red mark from the splint. :/

    Debby – Would love to be tagged – I can type, I’m just much slower than normal with my one handed pecking at the keyboard :)


  5. I’m so glad that it’s getting better.

    It’s fantastic that you want to join in. I was tagged by Caz over at the Bird with the golden seed blog to answer some fun questions on my blog. You can see them on the posting called I’ve Been Tagged. You just need to answer as few or as many of the questions you like and then post them on your blog, and then it’s your turn to tag someone else!

    Have fun,
    Deb :o)


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