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That’s nyoice, that’s different, that’s unewesyewl!
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Last week’s theme was about quirky features in your home. The one above is a quirky feature in ours (rental). The pantry cupboard has a door knob on the inside as well as the outside. And it has a lock. That’s right, you can lock yourself in the pantry cupboard.

Maybe the person who installed the extra door knob wanted to sit in the shelves and pretend to be a packet of flour. Or perhaps they had a secret identity and liked to hang upside down in dark places like a fruit bat. Whatever the reason they would have to been very tiny as there is not much room for a person in there. The mind boggles.

To play along, visit the lovely Pip!


My Place And Yours : Blog Headquarters

Eeeyha! Posting to you from’s secret headquarters, complete with lots of pink, kitty and squirrel things. These are all required as alyshajane herself is powered by copious amounts of pink and cuteness. Amongst other things. This post is for Pip’s My Place and Yours. The theme this week comes from Ninon.
Click to see a bigger version (opens in new window) HQ

For this photo I tried my hand at panography, a technique that gives a wide-angle view of a scene comprised of many photos. Like photo stitching, except you can see the joins. I’ve always liked this technique and now that I’ve had a go, I can see many more in my future. You can find a panography tutorial at Photojojo & more examples at Flickr.

The three white squirrels in the front aren’t normally in front of my keyboard; cute as they are, they’d make typing a bit difficult. My lovely hubby just bought them for me while we were out doing grocery shopping. Whenever he hears me take a sharp and awe-struck breath or shriek “Eeeeee” he knows that I have spotted either Kitty or Squirrel cuteness. If I see both together at one time, I’d possibly pass out from glee.

P.S: I recently tried making a video of my desk/blog HQ which you can see on Flickr.


My Place & Yours: Bedside

The theme this week for ‘My Place & Yours‘ is bedside. What fun!

I use vintage aprons to hide the storage shelves next to my bed as they hold things like sheets and towels; not too interesting visually, at times. Vintage aprons are much better to look at.

Bedside 2
Currently I am reading “The Grand Complication” by Allen Kurzweil. Quite exciting, it is. I have a list of things I want to research after reading this book. Things like secret enclosures and palanquins.
The retro-style clock is from my parents, I love the style of it. You can also see some of my retro-ish jewelry collection (inc. pink squirrel brooch), my ring collection (minus one or two), a dear little french knitting doll and my current favourite scent: ‘Sugar Cookie’ by Demeter.