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What’s On Your Table?

What’s on my Table or What’s in the Bag?

I’ll open it up a little more, it looks quite full of something squishy and soft. Could it be…

Yes! Yes, it is full of yarn! Glorious yarn in many colours including the shades of pink and white yarn that I need to complete my first granny square blanket.

Ah. Now I can play with crochet motifs in many colours. And feel content that I finally found more hot pink yarn, after many weeks of searching.

I was about to enjoy a cup of tea while writing this post, however I took one sip and felt ill. I may have over-tea’d myself lately. At least with plain black, milky tea. The drain enjoyed that cup. I think I shall have a glass of apple juice instead. Do you ever over-tea yourself?

What is on your table? Join the lovely Joyce’s meme!

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What's On Your Table

What’s On Your Table – Tuesday. Yes, today is Thursday…as usual, I am late to post. Oops! Please excuse the iPhone photos, I keep forgetting to charge my camera’s battery. The photos are of one of my birthday presents from my Husbitect. It is a little felt craft kit to make a charm for use on your mobile phone (or somewhere else). I think it comes from Japan.

My kit is a teensy donut and a cup of coffee. The donut even has beads for sprinkles! So cute! This will be one of my next crafty projects. Everything is included except a needle so I am good to go. Will post photos of the finished charm soon.


What's On Your Table – Tuesday

Time for another edition of What’s On Your Table – Tuesday. I love Joyce’s squares which she is making for a wonderful charity project. What a lovely thing to do! Once my squares are a bit neater, I think I shall make some for the same project. If you want to join in with What’s On Your Table, visit Joyce and don’t forget to say hello!

I’ve been a bit behind with posting here lately. Hopefully I will be back into regular posting from now on. There has been a lot of, shall we say, ‘stuff’ going on behind the scenes. I’d rather fluff (especially if it is wool fluff from knitting and crochet) but lately it’s been stuff on my metaphorical table. More fluff, I say!

The main crafty thing I’ve been working on is still granny squares. I’m making a lot of pink & white squares plus pink & cream squares for a blanket. I started making random colours because I was just so excited to be able to crochet, but I have now settled into a colour scheme. I just counted my pile of squares – 38! Plus one circle that I made to learn how to crochet circles. The tally of squares does not include my very first square which I want to keep as a special square. Maybe in a crochet/knitting journal. Which I will start one day. Hopefully.


Meme Time!

I was tagged by the lovely and talented Debby of Cooking Up a Storm in a Teacup. If you haven’t seen her weblog, do visit. Her blog is filled with lovely crafts, great photos, stories and some yummy recipes. And of course, her answers to the meme! Okies, time to get started! :)

1. If you had to spend three consecutive days on the same train who would you want with you and why?
Easy peasy lemon squeezy; my darling Husbitect ’cause we love spending time together! We’ve been on train trips together, but none over a couple of hours. As youngsters and before we knew each other, we both went on steam trains and loved those so a long steam journey together would be wonderful. We keep meaning to go on one of the special trips that are organised by the local steam societies.

2. Have you ever had a sewing related injury? Give gory details! If not any irrational fears?
I am one of those people who are accident prone to a spectacular degree. I think I would be quite correct in saying that there has rarely been a week when I have not injured myself in some way. It’s not always serious, but I have a gift for stubbing toes, hitting my head on things and lately, being clumsy while cooking!
As for a sewing related injury, I have caught myself so many times with sewing needles over the years. I do have a sewing machine but have not used it yet. Partly because I’m not sure how to thread it (no manual) and partly because I’m nervous about snapping the needle and having it break loose – I’ve read some awful sewing machine injury stories! Which is why when I do start using my machine, I am going to wear safety goggles. Better safe than sorry! hehe

3. What wouldn’t you be caught dead in?
Gosh. For someone who can be a bit of a dag in terms of not following fashion, I’m not sure where to start. I guess the first thing that comes to mind is real fur. I could not wear fur, as the whole time I was wearing it, I would be thinking about the animal(s) whose fur I was wearing. I don’t agree with wearing fur for fashion and would never even consider wearing it.

4. What garment/accessory do you wear the most?
With it being winter in Australia, I would have to say tracksuit pants when I am at home – it’s cold! And to top off that fashionable, around the home style, I team trackies with ugg boots. Pink uggboots. Pink is one of my most worn colours, I usually wear something that is pink, even if it is just my giant, tardis-like handbag. The colour pink and I are rarely parted.

5. Which pattern/vintage style have you been thinking about recently?
The vintage style I have been thinking about recently is a hairstyle – victory rolls. I have not yet mastered the art of them, but I am determined that I will. Having straight hair, I think I will have to try using curlers so my hair has a little more body.
I am fascinated by all things retro/vintage, particular from the 40s and 50s. I don’t own many clothes from that period, but I would love to start collecting and wearing them. The husbitect and I are planning on attending a 50s Fair in August, so we both want to find some retro outfits to wear.

6. What is one place you really want to visit that you haven’t been to before?
Just one place?! Gosh, it’s hard to choose just one. I would love to visit England and visit all the places where my father grew up and frequented in his youth. Not to mention meet all the English relatives that I have over there.

7. What do you wear when you want to impress?
A pretty dress with some feminine jewelery and makeup. I don’t usually wear lipstick or eye makeup, so for a special occasion I like to use both of those. I also like to wear something sparkly, be it a few subtle sequins or beads on my clothes or some sparkly earrings. I would love to own one of the vintage style dresses that are covered in sequins or beads.

8.Who is your favourite literary character and why?
I’m probably stretching it by including her as a literary character, but I will choose Snow White. I have always adored how she was so innocent that she not only charmed people, but also charmed animals so much that they were not afraid of her. I love the scene from the Disney movie where she is surrounded by animals, all very trusting and calm in her presence. I admire innocence, gentleness and pure goodness and I cannot think of a character who reflects those characteristics more than Snow White.

9. Which handmade project are you most proud of?
The handmade cards that I make for my family for Birthdays and Christmas plus my growing pile of granny squares. Each makes me proud that I have found the inspiration for those projects, that I have had the confidence to learn new techniques and skills, and persevere with them, even when I had no idea what I was doing. I’m not sure how many cards I have made in total, I would guess 20+ and I have completed more than 20 granny squares.

10. What was the best date you’ve ever been on?
The first date that my husbitect and I went on! We met online and after chatting via Messenger and Skype for a couple of weeks, we took the next step and met in person. It was a magical, very special day for us both. The whole day went smoothly and afterwards, we both had that special inkling that we had found ‘the one’! Everything was so perfect and we immediately felt completely at ease with each other. I fondly remember that day and all the special memories that we made. I also look forward to all those yet to come!

*If you want to answer these questions on your blog too, please do – I tag you! Let me know if you do answer them.


You have Mail – Crafty Mail

Yay, a brand new mem to join in! Visit the lovely and talented Julia at Daisy Girl Adventures to join in on You have Mail – Crafty Mail!

I haven’t received anything crafty in the mail lately,  so as we can also use crafty things that we have bought, I thought I would use my collection of Golden Hands books (18 in the series) that cover knitting, dressmaking and needlecraft. I love the  range of projects and the graphics used throughout the books.

The series was published in the late 60s and early 70s. I was very excited when I saw the complete set at a secondhand book sale! I plan on using the books to learn new knitting & crochet stitches as well as to guide me as I learn to use my sewing machine. There are some good step-by-step guides and pattern tips which I hope will make things a little clearer.

Have you received some crafty mail or purchased crafty goods? Join in!


What's On Your Table – Tuesday.

Joining in with the lovely Joyce’s What’s On Your Table. On my table today is a lovely cup of Genmaicha and a bundle of papery things for Pip’s Envelope Project. I’m a bit behind on that one, fortunately I still have time to send something in. Will be making an envelope out of an old magazine page later tonight. I used to make a lot of envelopes and stationary bits when I had pen friends. One of the pieces of paper in the above bundle was made with my own fair hands. I really should get out my mold & deckle and make some more paper. Anyhoo, the photo is a bit blurry because the steam from my tea fogged up the camera lens – tea fog!

As I type this I am listening to my favourite singer – Cliff Richard. Currently playing is “Wired For Sound’. Do you remember the song and video clip from the 80s? Cliff on roller skates with lots of dancers, also on roller skates. All in funky disco-like dress. Every time I listen to the song or watch the clip, I want to find a pair of roller skates, grab my walkman and go skating around singing along with Cliff at the top of my voice. That would be so much fun! There is an intro on the clip below, but it’s short and then you can watch this classic, Cliff video clip:


What's On Your Table – Tuesday

Joining in on the lovely Joyce’s meme – “What’s on Your Table – Tuesday“. She is one of the loveliest, most talented bloggers I have come across so do yourself a favour, and go visit her!

So, what is on the table today? The table here doesn’t change too much, not in decor anyhoo. There is usually a small pile of the latest catalogues and the days newspaper. We have one table in the kitchen where we have breakfast & lunch and one in the lounge/dining. The dining table has prettier things on it. Including the subject of my photo below.

Yes, as you can see, I had too much time on my hands & spent way too much time playing with the photo in photoshop. Simple pleasures, simple mind! Two candles on the table, both white although somehow, one is a little taller than the other. The only time the candles are lit is Christmas and sometimes on a family birthday. Really should use candles more as they are so pretty and I would love to get some scented ones. I regret not buying a gorgeous vanilla scented candle from Crabtree & Evelyn that I saw once.

Do you, dear readers, have a favourite scented candle?

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My Five Favourite Eurovision Songs

For Pip’s Five Favourites, I thought I would share videos of my five favourite songs from Eurovision 2010. The year I finally picked the winner! Straight after watching Eurovision, I went onto iTunes and bought these five songs, I loved them so much! In no particular order:

1. Lena – Satellite (Germany) and the Winner! Yay!

2. Hera Björk – Je Ne Sais Quoi (Iceland)

3. SunStroke Project & Olia Tira – Run Away (Moldova)

4. Juliana Pasha – It’s All About You (Albania)

5. Josh Dubovie – That Sounds Good To Me (United Kingdom)


My Place and Yours

That’s nyoice, that’s different, that’s unewesyewl!
Theme by Little Suitcase.


Last week’s theme was about quirky features in your home. The one above is a quirky feature in ours (rental). The pantry cupboard has a door knob on the inside as well as the outside. And it has a lock. That’s right, you can lock yourself in the pantry cupboard.

Maybe the person who installed the extra door knob wanted to sit in the shelves and pretend to be a packet of flour. Or perhaps they had a secret identity and liked to hang upside down in dark places like a fruit bat. Whatever the reason they would have to been very tiny as there is not much room for a person in there. The mind boggles.

To play along, visit the lovely Pip!


My Place And Yours : Blog Headquarters

Eeeyha! Posting to you from’s secret headquarters, complete with lots of pink, kitty and squirrel things. These are all required as alyshajane herself is powered by copious amounts of pink and cuteness. Amongst other things. This post is for Pip’s My Place and Yours. The theme this week comes from Ninon.
Click to see a bigger version (opens in new window) HQ

For this photo I tried my hand at panography, a technique that gives a wide-angle view of a scene comprised of many photos. Like photo stitching, except you can see the joins. I’ve always liked this technique and now that I’ve had a go, I can see many more in my future. You can find a panography tutorial at Photojojo & more examples at Flickr.

The three white squirrels in the front aren’t normally in front of my keyboard; cute as they are, they’d make typing a bit difficult. My lovely hubby just bought them for me while we were out doing grocery shopping. Whenever he hears me take a sharp and awe-struck breath or shriek “Eeeeee” he knows that I have spotted either Kitty or Squirrel cuteness. If I see both together at one time, I’d possibly pass out from glee.

P.S: I recently tried making a video of my desk/blog HQ which you can see on Flickr.


What's hot + what's not

Time for another round of What’s Hot + What’s Not.



* Little Gems. Organic chocolate drops in pretty pastel colours. Bonus is the pretty box.
I would have taken a photo of the gems themselves except they’ve all been eaten. Oops. Maybe next time.


* Palazzo biscuits from Aldi. Scrumptious butter cookies covered in dark chocolate.
These are seriously good, our current fav amongst chocolate biccies. And they have pictures of various architecturally famous buildings on them. On this biscuit is St. Marks Square in Venice (or so I am told). Which is upside down in this photo whoops. (Upside down, Miss Jane!)

* Thursday night means “Costa’s Garden Odyssey!” Tonight he visits the community garden in Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains. Plus there are VIKINGS! So excited.

Not Hot.

* Email spam and adverts all over web sites. I especially dislike the animated ads and the ones that have videos that suddenly pop out over what you’re reading. V. annoying.

* It’s stopped raining. It is getting closer to the hot summer weather. Not good. I want winter back again.

* Viruses. Hubby is not feeling well today and might be coming down with a cold or flu. Begone, bad cold – leave my husband alone!