What's On Your Table – Tuesday

Joining in on the lovely Joyce’s meme – “What’s on Your Table – Tuesday“. She is one of the loveliest, most talented bloggers I have come across so do yourself a favour, and go visit her!

So, what is on the table today? The table here doesn’t change too much, not in decor anyhoo. There is usually a small pile of the latest catalogues and the days newspaper. We have one table in the kitchen where we have breakfast & lunch and one in the lounge/dining. The dining table has prettier things on it. Including the subject of my photo below.

Yes, as you can see, I had too much time on my hands & spent way too much time playing with the photo in photoshop. Simple pleasures, simple mind! Two candles on the table, both white although somehow, one is a little taller than the other. The only time the candles are lit is Christmas and sometimes on a family birthday. Really should use candles more as they are so pretty and I would love to get some scented ones. I regret not buying a gorgeous vanilla scented candle from Crabtree & Evelyn that I saw once.

Do you, dear readers, have a favourite scented candle?


  1. oh *blush*, thank you, you are too kind. I so love your photography, I know, I have said it a thousand times, but when I saw this pic, I went ‘wow’. So pretty. I love candles, and really should get back into lighting mine again. Vanilla is my summer choice and for winter I love sandalwood.


  2. Oh I like sandalwood too! That reminds me of when I used incense sticks – much find some of those again! Scent can make you feel so much happier and calm.


  3. ha ha, incense sticks!! holy cow, same here, except the last few lots I bought, I so totally didn’t like at all, and my eldest seemed to be quite sensitive to the scent and was too strong for him, so back to candles for us.


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