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What’s On Your Table?

What’s on my Table or What’s in the Bag?

I’ll open it up a little more, it looks quite full of something squishy and soft. Could it be…

Yes! Yes, it is full of yarn! Glorious yarn in many colours including the shades of pink and white yarn that I need to complete my first granny square blanket.

Ah. Now I can play with crochet motifs in many colours. And feel content that I finally found more hot pink yarn, after many weeks of searching.

I was about to enjoy a cup of tea while writing this post, however I took one sip and felt ill. I may have over-tea’d myself lately. At least with plain black, milky tea. The drain enjoyed that cup. I think I shall have a glass of apple juice instead. Do you ever over-tea yourself?

What is on your table? Join the lovely Joyce’s meme!

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What's On Your Table

What’s On Your Table – Tuesday. Yes, today is Thursday…as usual, I am late to post. Oops! Please excuse the iPhone photos, I keep forgetting to charge my camera’s battery. The photos are of one of my birthday presents from my Husbitect. It is a little felt craft kit to make a charm for use on your mobile phone (or somewhere else). I think it comes from Japan.

My kit is a teensy donut and a cup of coffee. The donut even has beads for sprinkles! So cute! This will be one of my next crafty projects. Everything is included except a needle so I am good to go. Will post photos of the finished charm soon.


What's On Your Table – Tuesday

Time for another edition of What’s On Your Table – Tuesday. I love Joyce’s squares which she is making for a wonderful charity project. What a lovely thing to do! Once my squares are a bit neater, I think I shall make some for the same project. If you want to join in with What’s On Your Table, visit Joyce and don’t forget to say hello!

I’ve been a bit behind with posting here lately. Hopefully I will be back into regular posting from now on. There has been a lot of, shall we say, ‘stuff’ going on behind the scenes. I’d rather fluff (especially if it is wool fluff from knitting and crochet) but lately it’s been stuff on my metaphorical table. More fluff, I say!

The main crafty thing I’ve been working on is still granny squares. I’m making a lot of pink & white squares plus pink & cream squares for a blanket. I started making random colours because I was just so excited to be able to crochet, but I have now settled into a colour scheme. I just counted my pile of squares – 38! Plus one circle that I made to learn how to crochet circles. The tally of squares does not include my very first square which I want to keep as a special square. Maybe in a crochet/knitting journal. Which I will start one day. Hopefully.


What's On Your Table – Tuesday.

I’m a little late for What’s On Your Table – Tuesday, this week. Better late than never, hey? Today I went to the library and borrowed a fun stack of books.

1. Villette by Charlotte Bronte.

2. 300 Classic Blocks for Crochet Projects by Linda Schapper.

3. Retro Knits by Kari Cornell & Jean Lampe, editors.

4. Knitty Gritty Knits by Vicki Howell.

I was going to borrow a couple of copies of Simply Knitting magazine, but the other local knitters had beaten me to it! Maybe next time. For something a little different, I’ll share the first two paragraphs of Villette, you may want to read it, too! You can download the whole book from Project Gutenburg, if you’re really keen.

My godmother lived in a handsome house in the clean and ancient town
of Bretton. Her husband's family had been residents there for
generations, and bore, indeed, the name of their birthplace--Bretton
of Bretton: whether by coincidence, or because some remote ancestor
had been a personage of sufficient importance to leave his name to his
neighbourhood, I know not.

When I was a girl I went to Bretton about twice a year, and well I
liked the visit. The house and its inmates specially suited me. The
large peaceful rooms, the well-arranged furniture, the clear wide
windows, the balcony outside, looking down on a fine antique street,
where Sundays and holidays seemed always to abide--so quiet was its
atmosphere, so clean its pavement--these things pleased me well.

~ Villete by Charlotte Bronte.

I’m really looking forward to reading this book. I love the Bronte sister’s work. Treats for the imagination with such extraordinary imagery conveyed by their talented use of words.


What's On Your Table – Tuesday.

Joining in with the lovely Joyce’s What’s On Your Table. On my table today is a lovely cup of Genmaicha and a bundle of papery things for Pip’s Envelope Project. I’m a bit behind on that one, fortunately I still have time to send something in. Will be making an envelope out of an old magazine page later tonight. I used to make a lot of envelopes and stationary bits when I had pen friends. One of the pieces of paper in the above bundle was made with my own fair hands. I really should get out my mold & deckle and make some more paper. Anyhoo, the photo is a bit blurry because the steam from my tea fogged up the camera lens – tea fog!

As I type this I am listening to my favourite singer – Cliff Richard. Currently playing is “Wired For Sound’. Do you remember the song and video clip from the 80s? Cliff on roller skates with lots of dancers, also on roller skates. All in funky disco-like dress. Every time I listen to the song or watch the clip, I want to find a pair of roller skates, grab my walkman and go skating around singing along with Cliff at the top of my voice. That would be so much fun! There is an intro on the clip below, but it’s short and then you can watch this classic, Cliff video clip: