Miniature Gardens

I have moved my weblog back to the main directory of my site. Now that I have a separate business site, it is so much easier for me to have my weblog here, rather than a sub-directory. I do apologize for causing those who link to me, to have to change their links. I promise I shall leave the weblog here, really.

Now, on to something more fun!

As part of my Mum’s birthday present, I made her a miniature garden. Mum missed the lovely, rolling gardens that we used to have when I was younger. So while I cannot buy one of those, I decided to make a miniature, fairy-sized garden. Mum loves it! Every day it has more flowers and more growth; I must add some updated photos as the garden has grown quite rapidly since I took these photos a couple of weeks ago.

The plants I chose are: Chamomile, AlyssumBox, Bunyip Buttons (the mossy one) and a variegated Thyme. I had a theme in mind, at least one plant that was tree-shaped, some hilly shapes and then a few other plants for some soft, shrub-like shapes. I also added two frog ornaments as frogs are one of Mum’s favourite animals. She lost a few froggy ornaments that were in pots in their last move, so I am trying to find new ones. These are two of the first. The ones she lost were some that I had bought for her many, many years ago when I was in High School, so it was quite sad to lose them.

I am *so* loving miniature gardens right now. I had a lot of fun making this one and have lots more in the planning stages. You can simply go wild with themes – Fairy gardens, Gnome gardens, Lord of The Rings themed gardens, Secret gardens, Miniature Forests… the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Grab a pot, some potting mix, plants, a few decorations and go for it!


Talking to Plants

These two pretties are currently sitting next to me on my desk. It’s so lovely to have plants around, to watch their day to day growth. I did have three plants next to me, but George, my dieffenbachia had to go outside for a wee bit as I discovered red spider mites on him. Hopefully they are all gone, but he’s outside for a bit just in case.

And yes, I do name my plants…and I talk to them too! Before you laugh, Mythbusters proved plants like to be talked to. Ha! I haven’t named the two above yet as they are new. My Hubby bought them for me on the weekend. The flowering plant is a Cyclamen and the leafy one is a Ficus.

*The lovely polaroid frames I used are from Gunhild Storeide @