Talking to Plants

These two pretties are currently sitting next to me on my desk. It’s so lovely to have plants around, to watch their day to day growth. I did have three plants next to me, but George, my dieffenbachia had to go outside for a wee bit as I discovered red spider mites on him. Hopefully they are all gone, but he’s outside for a bit just in case.

And yes, I do name my plants…and I talk to them too! Before you laugh, Mythbusters proved plants like to be talked to. Ha! I haven’t named the two above yet as they are new. My Hubby bought them for me on the weekend. The flowering plant is a Cyclamen and the leafy one is a Ficus.

*The lovely polaroid frames I used are from Gunhild Storeide @


  1. I totally talk to my plants, too! When I was a child, my mom said it would help them grow faster, so I’ve always done it. I was pleased to see that on Mythbusters, too. :D


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