Keeping a Tarot Journal

While reading about the art of tarot reading I have seen numerous suggestions and tips about the value of keeping a tarot journal. I have just started one and intend to use it to record tarot spreads, correspondences, meanings of tarot cards and a general record of my learning. I’m also learning about Druidry so no doubt that will also become part of my journal. I guess in a way it will become my own book of shadows.

Printed Tarot Cards

To get myself started I downloaded the wonderful journal template provided by Tarot Study. I also downloaded the fab free printable cards from Tarot & Psychic Online Reading and printed them out and added them to each journal page. Both of the aforementioned sites have excellent resources and articles and are well worth a visit!

I am using a Lever Arch folder for my journal; so I can move things around and order things to suit my whim.

My Tarot Journal

Up until now I did not have a ‘traditional’ tarot deck so I bought the Rider Waite deck as this is commonly used in both books and beginner courses on tarot. The Rider Waite deck dates from 1909 and was illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith with the guidance of Arthur Edward Waite. I bought a Kindle version of Waite’s Pictorial Key to the Tarot from Amazon for the very cheap price of 83 cents (US). I’m going to read through this as I familiarise myself with each card.

As I work my way through my journal, I take out the card in question and keep it next to me to reflect on. I haven’t got very far yet having just journalled about The Fool, but I have also been completing a beginner course through the Tarot Association. And of course there has been much side reading and link following. I’m currently reading The Book of English Magic by Philip Carr-Gomm & Richard Heygate. A highly recommended read.

My Collection of Tarot and Oracle Cards

Here are a few other pages on the subject of tarot journals that have some excellent ideas and examples:

The Art of Tarot

Aside from a couple of days around my Wedding Anniversary, I’m still going full steam ahead with participating in the photo challenges on Instagram. Most of them are usually detailing tarot card draws, but some have been open to creative interpretation. For me, that means digital art using my own photography and various affects in Photoshop as well as apps on my phone. I am using Photoshop CC, Instagram as well as Pixlr by Autodesk. Pixlr has a few ads but it is free and has some fantastic filters and other editing tools. If you’d rather edit from within your web browser, you can try out Pixlr Editor Online.

Challenge Art

The two photos above were created using a mix of Photoshop and Pixlr for Android and my own photography. The one on the left was for the Inner Witch October challenge with the theme of Witching Hour. Please excuse the slight misquote of Shakespeare! The photo on the right was for Shadow Work October and the theme of Arcana: Reclaim the Most Negative Major as a Positive Card. If you’d like to read my answer on how I reclaimed this card, you can find it here. The card in the photo is from the Tarot of the Magical Forest.

Below are two more recent examples of digital art created for the October photo challenges. Both photos were for Inner Witch October, the first photograph was for the theme of Talisman. While I don’t currently have a talisman that I wear, the Celtic Triquetra & Triskelion (or triple spiral) are symbols that I feel very connected to. Pink is my favourite colour so I used a photo that I took in my garden of a pink poppy. The second photo was for the theme of New Moon. I merged some photos that I took a few years ago of an eclipse of the moon and played around with filters. This is my dream witchy new moon!

Digital Photo Art


Spirituality and Soul Searching

As mentioned in my previous post, I have recently embarked on a spiritual adventure to find what calls to me, what inspires my soul and helps me to grow spiritually. My ancestral background is Christianity, mainly the Church of England. While I agree with most of the basic tenets of Christianity, some things from the Bible and from the religion as a whole, do not suit me. I believe that humans are not the only lifeforms with a soul – I believe all animals have a soul. To a certain extent I believe that everything has a soul, or a consciousness of its own on some level. I like the idea that there is a spirit of all things, for all things. I don’t agree with the idea that humans have dominion over animals and nature, we are on the same level. To me, much of the Bible and Christianity is based on fear and a belief that humans are evil sinners who must repent and bow down to God in order to have their souls saved. There are many other aspects of Christianity that don’t sit well with me, but I don’t want that to be the point of this post.

After a long time of feeling like something was missing spiritually, I started looking at nature-based beliefs which is how I came across Druidry. I’d read a bit about it before and was interested but never took it further. It called to me enough to buy a few books on Druidry including The Awen Alone by Joanna van der Hoeven and The Path of Druidry by Penny Billington. I highly recommend both if you are interested in learning more about druidry. I’ve just started reading Zen Druidry, also by Joanna van der Hoeven and am enjoying it immensely; the combination of Zen and mindfulness combined with the nature base of druidry really feels right to me. I’m still reading a lot, still trying different things and giving it a great deal of thought and soul searching. I think that is the best thing that anyone can do – go with your instinct and what feels right for you. As long as what you believe in doesn’t cause harm to any life and doesn’t impinge on another’s rights, you’re golden.

Bleu Cats Pagan Cats

One of the things I have been trying is using Tarot and Oracle cards as a starting point for soul searching and inspiration. A way to get in touch with my inner voice and start to learn to trust my instincts. The first set I bought is the Black Cats Tarot which calls to me so much! It is on its way from overseas and I cannot wait to get it! In the meantime, I really wanted to tarot out so I bought the Bleu Cats Tarot. Then a few days later the desire to have more cards won out and I bought the Tarot of Pagan Cats, Power of Flowers oracle cards and Mystical Cats Tarot. Squee! I love them! The cards are such pretty thing in themselves and are enjoyable simply to look at. I’ve yet to use Mystical Cats but shall do that tomorrow. I’m only new at exploring this area but I am really enjoying it. It has led to some good soul searching and clarity of thought.

Mystical Cats and Power of Flowers

I am participating in three photo challenges on Instagram this month and all three share a pagan theme so more photos are sure to come, along with more self knowledge, I hope!

New Beginnings

Daisy Photo

Hi, Hello!
I think it is about time I start writing in my weblog again. My very first blog post was fifteen years ago on my first blog called Bindi, before Blogger was even a thing; my first cms was GreyMatter, anyone remember that? Eventually I shall get all my old archives added to this site.

This is a brief post for now as I have spent a good while playing with the design and a few css bugs so I’m a wee bit pooped, but I shall be posting more regularly from now on. I will be writing about my crafty and geeky pursuits as before, but I will also be writing about my spiritual journey to discover what inspires my soul. I am learning about druidry, exploring tarot and oracle cards and setting out on my soul path. Yay! :)

Knitterly News

After a wee little break over the Christmas and New Year period, I am back! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that 2015 is being very kind to you! Apart from being the day I start blogging again, today is also the start of Semester One at university. I have five units left in my Master of Information Management, which has a dual qualification in Records & Archives and Librarianship. This semester I am taking two units; Archives Concepts & Practice and Knowledge Management Principles.

I have been quite busy on the knitting front. Last week I finished my Skywalker shawl which I knit as part of one of Laura Nelkin’s craftsy classes. I have learnt so much and gained much more confidence in my knitting and that is only half of the class completed! The second part is knitting the Clarus shawl. I still need to take some pretty photos of Skywalker, but below you can how dramatically it changed with blocking.

skywalker blocking

I’m about to cast on some toe-up magic loop socks as part of the Sprint Into Socks KAL being run by The Bakery Bears and Knick’s Knits. I’m not using my ‘good’ yarn for these socks as I have only knit three pairs of socks and these were all cuff-down after-thought heel socks. So for my first toe-up socks, some plainer yarn will do just in case I need to tink a few times! The yarn I am using (photo below) is Patons Big Baby Fair Isle in the Bluey colourway. The pattern booklet you can see behind the yarn cake is Crafternoon by Panda. I came across it at Kmart recently and could not resist, so many cute things.

basic socks start


I will be back to regular updates from now on, and have some more finished objects to share!

Pink Christmas

Pink Christmas Patridge

I recently entered Brother Australia’s Pink Christmas competition. To enter, you were required to make one or more of the pink Christmas patterns created especially for Brother by some of Australia’s top craft bloggers. I made the bird decoration by Christine Mitchell. This was a huge learning curve for me as I had not sewn something so small and curvy on the sewing machine before. As part of your entry you needed to add your own touch with something pink. I added a pink-ribbon tail and pink sequin eyes as well as a little head feather to make the birds partridges. I made most of the birds with a pale pink fabric and one with hot pink – I guess he’s the male as he has the showy colours, as you can see below! I used some vintage buttons on the wings and the birds now decorate our Christmas tree!

Hot Pink Partridge

If you’d like to have a go at making the Christmas bird decorations or one of the other pink-themed projects, visit Brother’s project page to find lots of free patterns.

End of Semester; Start of Craftiness

Knitting Projects

Ah! It is that wonderful time of the year when I have finished all my assignments and study for the semester, and studying for the year is over! I have time for more craft projects and studying of the arty and crafty kind, the librarian learning now takes a back seat for a short while. Knitting has been my craft of choice the last few days, above you can see the projects that are active on my needles at the moment. There has been progress on Miss Winkle (four more loops) and the socks, just not a huge amount! Links to the patterns/designer:

The middle project, Levnadslust, which means ‘joy of living’ in Swedish is absolutely stunning! I admire Madeleine’s (the designer behind Yarn-Madness) eye for style and detail. If you haven’t seen her work, visit her Ravelry page or her own website to view her designs. I’ve added so many to my Ravelry favourites list! I’m knitting Levnadslust with Cleckheaton Bamboo, which is sadly discontinued. I wish I had bought more of it while it was still in production. Yes, this yarn comes from my deep stash. I’ve knitted the first of two shoulders for the pattern and have just started the second. This will be my first hand-knit garment (aside from socks, shawls and scarves) so I am quite excited! A picture of Levnadslust is below, used with permission from the designer.



Other than busily knitting, I’ve been doing a bit of reading. Lately I have felt like I have been ignoring the spiritual side of myself so I set about looking for ways to fulfil that side of me. Browsing the local library’s ebooks, I came across some books by Deepak Chopra and remembered how much I had enjoyed his writing in the past. I’m currently listening to ‘What Are You Hungry For‘ which is about weight loss but also personal fulfilment. It has really resonated with me so far, especially the sections about how eating can sometimes be an attempt to fill the empty places inside. I definitely do that – I’m all about comfort eating! When I feel sad or lonely, I often reach for a peanut butter sandwich or some chocolate (or even peanut butter chocolate!) instead of acknowledging what I am feeling and doing something about it. Other than eating! I need to lose a bit of weight, so I’m hoping Deepak’s book will help me shift the pounds for good and fill those empty spaces with something other than food.

Earlier in the year I set myself a challenge to read 100 books this year. So far I have read 43, quite a bit shorter than the goal, mainly due to being busy with university work. Now that I have more free time, I’m going to try my best to reach my goal of 100 books! I have allowed myself to count fiction and non-fiction books plus audio-books, but would like to include more fiction. One of my most favourite authors is Connie Willis; I have devoured all of her books that I can find. I also enjoy ‘cozy-mysteries’ of the cat kind; mystery novels that have feline sleuths or some other kind of cat help! Favourite authors of that genre include Rita Mae BrownShirley Rousseau Murphy and Lilian Jackson Braun. I’m also a fan of the Agatha Raisin series by M.C. Beaton, who is also known for being the creator of the delightful Hamish Macbeth character.

I’m currently looking for a new fiction read and am open to recommendations!

How was your weekend?

Happy Weekend!

Ah, Sunday evenings, always so bitter-sweet. You’ve (hopefully) had a lovely and relaxing weekend but Monday is close by! I hope your weekend was one of the lovely sort! I’ve been a bit quiet over the last week; it is end of semester assignment time for me. Two more assignments to go and then I can craft and blog my little heart out! Expect to see more regular updates from mid-week!

Random Joy


It’s that time of year when final assignments for the semester are due. I’m studying towards a masters in Librarianship and Information Management and have two classes currently; one on cataloguing, which is my personal favourite, and the other on records management. After working on my records management assignment, I glanced to the side where I had been temporarily placing the sticky note tabs that I had removed from my industry journals. I was struck by how pretty they looked, all random and jumbled. Life is a bit like that, it is in the random and the busy moments that we are sometimes treated to a reminder of how beautiful life is.

This week for me it has been little scenes like the above, seeing Pippin and Loki all snuggled together on their cat tree, the excitement in my husband’s voice when he describes a new game to me, seeing my parents relaxing in the sunshine. Little moments, completely random, but so precious. It is all the random moments and unexpected beauty that makes life worthwhile, that remind us of just how special the simple things are.

I love the feeling of friday evenings; the week is almost done and two lovely days of weekend time are ahead! There are meetings with friends over yummy lunch to come and some grocery shopping which I think is all the more fun when the store has a fabulous international food section! Do you like them? I love looking at foods from other countries, not to mention trying them! We are shopping at a different store to our usual this weekend so I am excited to see what their international food section is like. I’m hoping they have some of the Dutch rusk-like biscuits* that are big, puffy and crunchy bites of deliciousness, especially when spread with butter! My Grandmother loved these, so they hold a special nostalgia for me. If I find some I will share some photos so you can see what they are like, perhaps you like them too!

I’ve been blogging since the early days of pre-blogger, when Grey Matter was the software of choice. Actually, when I first started writing an online journal, there were few programs or apps for that purpose. I blogged my little heart out in those days but then had a sizeable pause when life gifted me with a visit from the anxiety fairy who kindly brought along the black dog. Now that I am blogging again I remember how hard those early days are! Posting and blogging and wondering if anyone is reading your words, thinking and thinking about topics to write about, things to share. At the moment I think it is mainly web crawlers and bots visiting me, but I shall keep writing because with time people will find my blog and we can have a good ol’ bloggy chat! We will be friends in no time!

I’m still nutting out what I want this weblog to be. I definitely want to share crafts and projects, perhaps a few rambling posts like this too. Whatever strikes my fancy at the time! I do agree with that grand old chestnut; a little of what you fancy does you good! 


* The Dutch rusks are like these, have you tried them? I love them! They are delicious and remind me of my Gran!

Meet the Team!

I have been far too slow in introducing the editorial and management team at This state of affairs was brought to my attention this morning after second breakfast. I could not be the cat lady that I am without my two wonderful companions, Pippin and Loki. Pippin is my big black panther, and Loki is my little golden lion. They are both excellent at supervising any household activities and always ensure I do not sit at my desk too long. Well, not without a cat on it anyhoo! They enjoy watching birdies, holding daily Grand Prix races up and down the hallway, decorating the house with their wonderful fur and like their meals to come with biscuits on the side. I proudly present Masters Pippin and Loki:

Pippin Pippin Loki Loki

Ah, my little feline friends, aren’t they gorgeous? :)

Adventures in Bag Land

I made my second drawstring bag recently (not showing my first one until I ummm…refine it), it was a comedy of errors! The material is lovely; I found it in an op shop after spotting the lovely cherry pattern from a distance. Now, to the sewing! My first mishap was when it came time to pivot the material to go around a corner; I forgot to raise the foot, it came loose and the needle hit it and bent. Oh well, I thought, now I know how to change the foot, as it had fallen off during the chaos, and needle.

Next, I eagerly sewed along the top seam. I was happy with how straight it was…until I noticed that I had sewn through both layers of material so I had sewn it SHUT! Sigh. I ripped it open again and sewed the top seams properly. Finally finished I happily clipped the loose threads and had a lesson in how sharp sewing scissors are – I snipped my finger! Ouch! Just as I did that my two cats ran into the room, so I was trying to get them out of the room while not bleeding on the carpet! But, all ends well, and I love my bag (not perfect, but I made it!) and I learned some valuable lessons!


Have you had any sewing mishaps, dear reader? :)

The Lure of Hexies

Making Hexies

Oh dear. I never thought I would have a fabric stash but it happened. I never thought I would learn quilting or related crafts; yet it has happened this day! Yes, it is true. I have succumbed to the lure of the sexy hexies! I kept seeing them on Instagram and Pinterest and finally had to cave in and have a go! I want to make many, many more! I did not do any fussy cutting the first time around, I just wanted to learn the technique of english paper piecing. I used lovely templates from The Printed Stitch and also followed a fabulous tutorial on YouTube from 3and3quarters. All it needs is a little pin on the back and I have a lovely brooch.


I have some Christmas prints in my stash so I am planning a hexie-based table runner. I used a small hexie template today but I will use a bigger one for the table runner so more of the print is visible. I might even try some fancy cutting skills! I can now understand why making hexies is so popular, the process is just as relaxing as knitting and spinning. Must make more!