Fifties Fair at Rose Seidler House

At the end of August, the Husbitect and I went to the Fifties Fair at Rose Seidler House. It was a lot of fun. Apart from seeing the house itself and the retro decor, there was entertainment plus lots of stalls selling retro clothes, household items, collectibles, food and so much more. We both found some goodies on the stalls, including a vintage model kit for the Husbitect and some vintage canisters for me.

This is a photo heavy post (not to mention the fact that I’ve heavily filtered the photos). I tried the built in gallery for WordPress but wasn’t all that impressed with the options. So good old insert one by one it is. If you know of a good gallery plugin for WordPress, do let me know!

The very retro hostess and the Velvet Set singing.

One of the coloured glass doors in the house kitchen.

I want one of these cute Teardrop caravans.

All the items in the back were themed perfectly.

Including a gorgeous picnic basket!

Hula girl’s car was pulling the caravan.

Another Hula girl, with some faboo anodised aluminium cups.


My Creative Space | Button Craft

I thought I would play along with ‘My Creative Space‘ this week as I have something to share. I’ve always wanted to have ago at making rings, finally I have! I made this ring using a plain ring blank from Lincraft and two buttons, one slightly smaller than other so that they fitted together. Both buttons were from Lincraft, I love the red one with the shell-like finish. I used a hot glue gun to fix the buttons together and then onto the ring.

Of course now I have made one, I want to make more. Which means I keep looking for interesting buttons, like those below that I found at an antique store. They need a bit of a clean but they are so pretty. I’m not sure if they are plastic or bakelite. I think the yellow ones may be bakelite while the rest are plastic. The two red heart buttons are modern, but the rest are vintage. Hmm…I wonder if the store has any new ones? I feel the need to go check and rummage through the button boxes for more treasures.