About AlyshaJane

I’m 40 something and very happily married. I am a librarian with a Master in Information Management/Librarianship.

I live in Sydney, Australia.

I love all things crafty – knitting, diamond painting, spinning, sewing and crochet. There is nothing I enjoy more than being creative and making something!

I am a bit of cat lady with two kitties, a black Maine Coon mix called Pippin and a golden Tabby called Loki.

I love reading, love SciFi/Fantasy books/movies/tv (Doctor Who, BritComs, Blake’s 7, LotR, movies from the ‘Golden Years of Hollywood’ and many more).

I have a weakness for the ‘cozy mystery’ book genre (kitty mysteries) and love books by Connie Willis. I have recently caught the LEGO bug from my husbitect.

I dabble with photography and a bit of gardening here and there.

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