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A Long Time Between Posts

It’s been over two years since I posted here. Wowza, that’s a long time between posts! So much has happened since then. The saddest time was early 2019 when my dear Dad passed away. He was an amazing Father and I miss him more than words can say.

Dad and I on the day of my wedding

The loss of Dad hit me very hard and it has taken many therapy visits and a lot of time to get me in a better place. The support of family and friends helped a lot, not feeling alone was very important. There were a lot of tears, some anger at the unfairness, regret and feeling lost. It’s a long road back.

As mentioned, the support of family and friends has been a tremendous help, I also found some comfort in crafts, binge watching shows on Netflix and writing things down in a journal. Having the space to feel it all, every aspect of grief, and the time to deal with each aspect was very important.

Now is a time to reconnect and get back into things I enjoyed doing – this weblog being one of them.

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