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Back to blogging?

I keep starting and restarting my blog but this time I’m more focused on getting it going again. They key thing is to decide on what I want to blog about. In the past this has been crafts like knitting and crochet, food and recipes and general posts about life. I think the basis will be the same with some photography added in and a lot more focus on regular updates.

I decided I would blog about this process of getting my blog up and running again; things I found useful along the way, tips and a log of my process. In starting to blog again, the design of it has been on my mind. I had a WordPress theme I loved but it’s no longer supported. I’ve been trying different themes but haven’t found one that grabs me yet. I used to design themes but WordPress has changed so much now I wouldn’t know where to get started.

So my tasks for the moment: find a theme I like and start blogging again!

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