Miniature Gardens

I have moved my weblog back to the main directory of my site. Now that I have a separate business site, it is so much easier for me to have my weblog here, rather than a sub-directory. I do apologize for causing those who link to me, to have to change their links. I promise I shall leave the weblog here, really.

Now, on to something more fun!

As part of my Mum’s birthday present, I made her a miniature garden. Mum missed the lovely, rolling gardens that we used to have when I was younger. So while I cannot buy one of those, I decided to make a miniature, fairy-sized garden. Mum loves it! Every day it has more flowers and more growth; I must add some updated photos as the garden has grown quite rapidly since I took these photos a couple of weeks ago.

The plants I chose are: Chamomile, AlyssumBox, Bunyip Buttons (the mossy one) and a variegated Thyme. I had a theme in mind, at least one plant that was tree-shaped, some hilly shapes and then a few other plants for some soft, shrub-like shapes. I also added two frog ornaments as frogs are one of Mum’s favourite animals. She lost a few froggy ornaments that were in pots in their last move, so I am trying to find new ones. These are two of the first. The ones she lost were some that I had bought for her many, many years ago when I was in High School, so it was quite sad to lose them.

I am *so* loving miniature gardens right now. I had a lot of fun making this one and have lots more in the planning stages. You can simply go wild with themes – Fairy gardens, Gnome gardens, Lord of The Rings themed gardens, Secret gardens, Miniature Forests… the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Grab a pot, some potting mix, plants, a few decorations and go for it!


  1. Hi Alysha….. this is lovely…I bet your mum was really pleased…..

    I’m planning a meme with a kind of kitchen cupboard/pantry content theme…..wonder if you’d like to join in again?


  2. Thank you all! :)

    Anna – It was a lot of fun to do – I’m planning on adding some newer photos plus sharing some links to some wonderful sites about Miniature Gardens.

    Deb – Sure! I love memes!


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