Five Geeky Websites

I am a geek, a SciFi-loving geek. I present the above photo as proof of my SciFi-loving geekiness. It was taken in the city at Kinokuniya on Free Comic Book Day earlier this year. When we heard that ‘Daleks’ were going to be at Kinokuniya, we had to go (the Husbitect is also a SciFi-loving geek). A free comic was a bonus. The Dalek was patrolling inside the store while Darth was prowling outside the store. As you can see, I am taller than a Dalek but shorter than Darth Vader.

In honour of all that is geeky and SciFi-licious, I present a list of five fab websites for those who are similarily inclined:


  1. OMGCB you are so lucky. B7 is one of my very favourite shows!! When I was doing my country prac my mum and dad had just bought a VCR and my studentship was $34-69 a week and I spent $21 buying a 3 hour BASF video tape so they could tape the three shows I would miss. Oh the memories!! I have so many more!! I know three of these sites so thank you for the other two.


  2. 2Paw – I *love* B7! I wish they would do a new series, or remake or even just one more episode. But it *has* to have Avon and must be Paul Darrow playing him. At least in my book. :)

    I kind of remember watching B7 when it was first on TV, but really got into it when I was re-introduced by my Husbitect.

    I remember buying Beta/VHS tapes! And spending far too long trying to line up the stickers on the spine. heh.

    I want to watch it again now!


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