Neurotic. That’s me.

Ruh roh! I am very, very naughty with this blog, aren’t I? I’m still getting back into the swing of regular updates and trying to overcome a nasty case of ‘blog nerves’. Do you have that? I do!

I get all caught up in ‘what to write about’, ‘is it interesting enough?’, ‘what can I write that is fun’…and then that turns into a complete case of blog posting anxiety. And then I write absolutely nothing. Silly. Self-defeating. Boring! So instead of trying to think of what I want to focus on in this blog, I shall just write about daily things and whatever comes to mind.

Currently in my mind, is makeup. Well, not literally as that would be bad…and sticky! But I am fretting a teensy bit about how to do makeup for a formal, evening function that we are going to very soon. Makeup for me (when I actually wear any) is simply foundation, blush and maybe a bit of pencil eyeliner. I have no clue about how to do fancy smokey eyeshadow or whether or not to use a primer, or what lipstick shades I should wear etc.

And if makeup fretting isn’t enough, there is the whole issue of strapless bras *gasp* and buying and then wearing my first pair of high heels in a very long time. Possibly since my year 12 formal. Which was about eighteen years ago….wait, what? 18 years ago? Far out, brussel sprout!

I am a failure (not that I really think so) in the area of shoes, at least compared to the *average* woman. Unlike most women, I own maybe four or five pairs of shoes. Six including my new heels. Very small heels – a kitten heel, I think it is called? I am planning on wear my new shoes around the house tomorrow in a desperate attempt to be able to walk in them gracefully. Or at least, without falling over and displaying my knickers to all and sundry!

And then we come to the strapless bra. Who invented those?! Why are they still so bad at holding things in the correct place?! We can put men on the moon but we cannot invent a comfortable strapless bra. Sheesh. I am going to cave in to fear of a wardrobe malfunction and buy some of these diamonte bra straps. It is that or the clear ones. I figure diamonte straps look more classy. More noice!

Anyhoo, being one of us women who have more voluptuous hips and busts, I was more than a little worried about whether I would find a suitable dress. I was very happy to find City Chic who cater to sizes 14+. I found a gorgeous dress and I am looking forward to wearing it. I’ve never owned such a pretty, fancy dress before so I am quite excited! I will try and take a photo of my shoes tomorrow, too. And! And, at City Chic, my size is a SMALL! Wow! That is a first! hehe

My dress. Isn’t she pretty? I hope I look half as good in it!
* Photo from City Chic website.


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous dress, you will look fabulous. Yes, I can’t really do high heeled shoes any more and make up is just some mineral powder from the Body Shop and clear Pawpaw lip ointment!!!
    You sound like you have a much better idea of the whole make up think.
    Don’t even talk to me about ordinary bras, where the voluptuous sizes are all boring and horrid and utilitarian.
    I am posting every day at the moment. I blog for me, and if other people want to read and comment that’s fine. Sometimes you just have to get something written down. What’s the worst that can happen???!!!


  2. oh Alysha, you make me laugh, I just love reading your blog, I love your use of wording, I could so have a cuppa with you girl. Well I must tell you, I am in rather a chatty mood today, so beware, this could be long. In reply to your post, in order, here goes – yes, I too get stuck staring at the keyboard wondering what to write, then I just dither and dither, go back delete most of it, try to tidy it up, dither a bit more. Mind you, when I am away from the computer, all this ‘stuff’ comes into my head that I want to talk about. (!) When I began my blog, I didn’t tell any friends or family, I just wanted as a Mum, my own little space, I have always had a journal, but I found the blog so much easier as I could attach my photos in a snap. I wanted a space that belonged to me, where I didn’t talk about my family, however, that hasn’t always worked. I have a few followers now, and it does cause me some stage fright, but then I think, well if they don’t want to read it, then they don’t have to. We are all such unique little packages of emotions/likes/passion, not one of us is the same and this is what I love so much about blogland.
    Now onto makeup, shoes, dress. Makeup – not sure if I should admit this out loud, but what is primer? Is that the stuff that goes under the eyes to get rid of the circles? I have no idea at all. I also cannot do smoky eyes and all of that. My make up consists of moisturiser, a very light foundation and clear lip gloss. This winter I have been using a brown eyeliner pencil, and a touch of 1 colour of eyeshadow. I don’t wear mascara at all.
    Shoes, all flat, bar one pair of black shoes, that I have had for years, that I wear to weddings/funerals.
    Dress, your new dress, stunning, I would love to see a photo of you all dressed up, such a beautiful colour, you are going to look amazing in this dress. Oh and yes, go the diamonte bra straps. I cannot wear a bra without a strap.
    Have a lovely day, please keep posting, cause I love reading you. Bless.


  3. 2Paw – Yes, that is it exactly – just write something. I need to focus on that. I always greatly enjoy reading your posts and getting views of your life with the photos!
    I’m going to practice in my shoes later today. I’d much rather flat shoes, but it is so hard to find pretty, evening style shoes with no heel.
    I’ve never tried mineral makeup, I am very curious about it. Must visit the body shop myself and have a try. I do love their products!

    Joyce – Hehe Love to have a cuppa with you! I’m the same – I think of all these things to write about when I am not at the computer, and when I am, I come up blank! I enjoy your posts, too! You have a fab writing style yourself!

    The primer confuses me. The first I heard of it was when I had my makeup done for our wedding. The lady doing my hair and makeup said she was using primer to start; I sat their picturing the type of primer you use before you paint your walls! lol! I hope it is actually different hehe I think it is supposed to make your skin ‘hold’ the makeup longer. Maybe it is wall primer?! :)

    Will post some photos of me in my dress and my husbitect in his suit and bowtie! :)


  4. I’m a failure when it comes to shoes–I only own a few pairs at a time and I tend to wear them out until they need to be tossed. In fact, right now I wear the exact same pair of black flats to work every day. :)

    Makeup is a strange new world for me, too–when I first learned of primer, I thought about painting the walls, too! lol Apparently it is meant to make foundation/etc. last longer, but there are so many different kinds that it’s kind of hit or miss, depending on your skin type. But it’s fun to play with different kinds and see what works best. :) I am clueless when it comes to eyeshadow, though!

    oh, strapless bras…I never had much luck with those.

    That dress is so pretty! Love the color :)


  5. Tiffany – I’m glad I am not alone with the primer/wall coat thing lol!

    I’ve only tried one from Rimmel so far and it does seem to make a difference. My makeup stayed on much longer and looked more ‘smooth’.

    And the bra strap for the strapless bra – total failure! I had it on for maybe two minutes and one strap broke. Lucky it wasn’t at the dinner! heh


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