Hello Doris!

Allow me to introduce you to Doris, my retro sideboard. Isn’t she lovely? I found her on eBay for the enormous sum of $5. Yes, only five dollars. I couldn’t believe my luck, either. I had been searching for one of these sideboards for a long time. Today she had another spruce up and I put some of my 50s/60s collectibles on the shelf. I named her after Doris Day. Yes, I do like naming inanimate objects. hehe

Doris is in want of a replacement glass shelf, something which I will buy very soon, and then a new coat of semi-gloss paint inside and a bit of a polish. Of course, then I can buy even more retro things to display in and on Doris. Ah, retro goodies, I do so love you.

I feel quite chuffed with how much I got done today. I cleaned Doris, moved around some of my collectibles, came up with my own crocheted flower (which I am going to make into a brooch) and I made a Persian roast chicken for dinner, with mashed potatoes, spiced carrots and zucchini plus gravy. Yum! More about my Persian chicken recipe soon. Below is a photo of my latest granny squares (playing with colour combinations) and my crocheted flower. I think it is a little like a chrysanthemum in style. Happy to have had a productive day, after quite a few non-productive ones.

I hope your day has been filled with good things!


  1. Doris is fabulous and such a bargain, which makes her even better. You should hum ‘Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps’ or ‘Que Sera Sera’ while you work on her!!
    I have some of those fading colour glasses too!!
    Lovely crocheting!!


  2. what a bargain you got!!!
    I love your flower, it is very chrysanthemummy! And the colours of your squares are lovely together… is that going to be in your blanket?
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!


  3. ohhhh what a bargain for sure. How wonderful, looking forward to seeing you fill Doris up with lovely goodness. I love your soon to be brooch, very spring. Good to see you have been so busy today.


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