What's On Your Table – Tuesday.

I’m a little late for What’s On Your Table – Tuesday, this week. Better late than never, hey? Today I went to the library and borrowed a fun stack of books.

1. Villette by Charlotte Bronte.

2. 300 Classic Blocks for Crochet Projects by Linda Schapper.

3. Retro Knits by Kari Cornell & Jean Lampe, editors.

4. Knitty Gritty Knits by Vicki Howell.

I was going to borrow a couple of copies of Simply Knitting magazine, but the other local knitters had beaten me to it! Maybe next time. For something a little different, I’ll share the first two paragraphs of Villette, you may want to read it, too! You can download the whole book from Project Gutenburg, if you’re really keen.

My godmother lived in a handsome house in the clean and ancient town
of Bretton. Her husband's family had been residents there for
generations, and bore, indeed, the name of their birthplace--Bretton
of Bretton: whether by coincidence, or because some remote ancestor
had been a personage of sufficient importance to leave his name to his
neighbourhood, I know not.

When I was a girl I went to Bretton about twice a year, and well I
liked the visit. The house and its inmates specially suited me. The
large peaceful rooms, the well-arranged furniture, the clear wide
windows, the balcony outside, looking down on a fine antique street,
where Sundays and holidays seemed always to abide--so quiet was its
atmosphere, so clean its pavement--these things pleased me well.

~ Villete by Charlotte Bronte.

I’m really looking forward to reading this book. I love the Bronte sister’s work. Treats for the imagination with such extraordinary imagery conveyed by their talented use of words.


  1. ohhhh so jealous here, so many of my blog friends are library visiting and stocking up on luscious crafty books. It will be our turn next week for the library. *sigh* I think we need 3 weeks of school holidays at our place. It’s all going a little too quickly for us this week already. Enjoy your reading and baking.


  2. p.s. I so love that my little ‘what’s on your table Tuesday’ is getting out there. lol, makes me giggle, (just a little.)


  3. It’s fun! I plan what to have on my table. Is that cheating?! teehee! :)

    Only reading for me – cut my thumb badly with a knife. Sigh. Silly me! :/


  4. Oh I just read you latest post, ouch, ouch, OUCH, and no crafting iewwww, will crochet some squares on your behalf this week. As for planning what to have on your table for Tuesday, lol, no, there is no such thing as cheating. I haven’t planned my tables, there is always something being made or about to be made on our table, well at this stage, however, now you mention it, I am concerned that in a few weeks time, it will all become rather boring with study books spread out. Hmmmm, might have to change my study days around. *giggle*. Happy reading and resting up.


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