Photo Fun

I’ve been going through some of my old files and found a couple of photos to share. The first is of some damper that I made once. The slice I photographed reminded me of the shape of Australia. Pretty fitting for damper! The second photo is of a teensy tiny snowman I made a couple of years ago while living in the Blue Mountains. Ah, snow. I do so love your prettiness.


  1. Hi Alysha, oh these pics are too beautiful. You are so talented. I love your little snowman, I have a HUGE grin on my face right now because of him. What a great card front this would make. As for your Aussie damper, too right. Love it. lol, I have the giggles now. Awesome!


  2. Hehe Glad it made you smile! The last few years the Blue Mountains has only had enough snow for teensy snowmen. I did get to make a really big one when I was younger, that was awesome fun :)


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