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I love collecting!

Above is a blurry, but artistic (yes?) photo of some of our collection of things. On a very cool, retro wicker shelfy thing. If you squint, you can kinda make out some of my squirrels, my Japanese Kitty bowls, a lucky Cat, my London bus collection, a retro clock from my Mum & Dad and some of my plastic fruit. I lurve me some plastic fruit. And miniature food, but that’s another story. Oh! – and you can see my cow milk jug! I looked for that for ages and was quite chuffed when I found one!

Can you spy our faboo flower lights in the back? They are from Ikea and are so pretty. I want some fairy lights too, to hang around my desk. The shiny and sparkly is always good!

On another note, what are some of the regular meme type things that bloggers do every week? I’m out of touch and would love to know what is around now. Share?

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