Old Blogs and Old Designs

I’ve been adding some much older archives to my blog today. Somewhere, amongst all my backups I have the archives from my very first weblog which was way back around 2001/2002. Eventually I will add those here, just need to get over my laziness in not wanting to recode and add images back to all those posts.

I first started blogging, or journaling, by updating all the archives manually which soon became a pain and something I didn’t want to deal with anymore. Along came Blogger which was so much easier! After a while I switched to GreyMatter, then Movable Type and now WordPress. One of my much older ‘about me’ images is below, including one of my first forays into illustration. Hmm, that was nine years ago, where does the time go?! I made the illustration in Flash. Yes, Flash. Not Illustrator which would have been logical, but flash. I used it more for drawing than I did for animation, crazy woman that I am.

I updated the design of my weblog much more than I do now, back then I had a new design at least once a month. I like smaller design tweaks now, maybe a new header every month. It’s been fun (and embarassing) to come across my old blog designs. Some I still like, some make me wonder what I was thinking! One of my favorites is below, the one with the bus. My blog was called ‘Oubliette’ then, a reference to the movie Labyrinth.

Do you still have copies of your first web pages or weblogs?

* An important reminder: While I have been looking for old blog posts, I’ve been going through CDs that are up to six years or more old. One or two have failed. The data is now unreadable. If you have much older data and files backed up on CDs and DVDs – please go check they are still okay. Maybe save your most precious files to a brand new disc. Really – check them. Don’t risk losing files like I have.


  1. Thanks for the reminder – tomorrow I’ll check the discs with my wedding photos on… nearly five year. Maybe I should get them printed at last? ;)


  2. I live in fear of losing photos etc. I cope them to TWO discs, just in case, but last year (and every year from now on) I made a photobook, so I can rest easy about those photos!!


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