Be Careful What You Wish For

I want to meet an intelligent man who has a big heart, likes to talk about everything under the sun, is geeky, isn’t a party person and has at least a few manners. The more the better. If I could find one who knits or was otherwise creative; miaoow!


Note to Self: Don’t Count Your Chickens and all (but don’t be *too* careful!!).

As you probably guessed, I did go ahead with the online dating…I’d forgotten how much fun flirting and getting to know someone new can be!


  1. I hope you find someone who is not a jerk and meets all your requirements…especially the knitting – you could each knit one sock in a pair or something…teehee! Good luck with the online dating. Flirting is definitely fun. That might be the one thing I miss about being single – because flirting with your hubby is totally different than flirting with someone you don’t know very well…lol!


  2. I hope I avoid the jerks this time around, too! I tend to be cautious with online dating; I won’t consider meeting face to face until I’m 99.9% sure that they are a decent man. I’ve met people online a few times in the past so I’m quite wary of all the risks, but know how fun it can be as well.

    Heh Now that would be awesome, knitting duets! I’d definitely be ‘squeeing’ in Lime & Violet style (podcast)!


  3. I hope you meet someone who’s every bit a good as you deserve and who makes you very happy. Good luck!


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