A Love That Transcends Time

Oh my. I finally saw The Lake House. I’ve always been the kind of woman who gets emotional over certain types of movies, but this one had tears streaming down my face more than once. Especially with the ending. I adored this movie, so much so (and because I’m still teary) that I’m lost for words. The notion of a love that strong is just so magical and so wonderful that I really wish that at least one couple in this world find a love like that.

4 thoughts on “A Love That Transcends Time

  1. The horrid Internet has not let me even see your blog for days and days!!! At last I have thwarted it!!! Hope the bush fires are dying down. We were inundated with smoke yesterday from a huge fire up the valley. I haven’t seen The Lake House, I will have to look out ofr it, though I have never actually borrowed a DVD!!! Hope you are well!!!

  2. Oh oh oh I have been DYING to see The Lakehouse!!! It was on at the movies while I was up in Sydney earlier in the year but I didn’t get to see it and then the cinema run finished :cwy: … I have to get this on DVD!!!!!!!! And I am really pleased that everyone thinks it was so good simply because I am dying to see it so badly that it BETTER be good lol!!!!!

    PS: Have you seen The Notebook???

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