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We're all going on a Autumn (Summer) Holiday

I forgot to mention where we are going on the interstate flight – Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays!

I’ve managed to calm down about flying for the first time and that is largely due to my wonderful man who has patiently listened to all my worrying and answered my silly questions. And gently told me off when I read web sites that I really shouldn’t when about to go on my first plane flight. :blush:

I’m getting all excited and bouncy now and looking forward to my first flight on a plane not to mention the first time I’ve been to another state! And kinda overseas in a way, as himself suggested. I’ve never had a ‘proper’ cocktail before either, so I am rather looking forward to those as well!

Ah, walks on the beach hand in hand with my beloved. I can’t wait! :wub:

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