How long has it been since the plane was disinfected?

Soon I will be going on a plane flight for the very first time. Yes, I have never been on a plane before. As the date grows closer, I’m getting a wee bit nervous…umm, make that more than a wee bit nervous! It’s an interstate flight so will only be about two hours long. But it’s still a plane flight!

I have this nasty suspicion that I am going to be like Mr. Monk in the episode when he went on a plane (Mr. Monk and the Airplane). I already share a lot of characteristics with Monk, and like him, I don’t like the idea of being in a confined space where other people may cough and sneeze and generally spread germs around willy nilly. And it is also a confined space that is unnaturally high in the air. Eeee!

*deep breaths* *deep breaths*

This video clip from Monk (trailer on the left) shows what I’m worried I’ll be like on the plane, especially the whole holding on to my beloved tightly and having to be pried off the seat thing. And the germ thing. That too.

Any of you seasoned travelers have some tips for a first time flyer?


  1. my boy has a very bad fear of flying and recently he went to the doctor.
    got some xanax prescribed and he didnt even notice the flying.
    said its the best thing he ever did.

    if you are extremely anxious about it you could go see the doc.


  2. Thanks Amanda! I’ve had to take Xanax before so still have some fortunately (checked with the Dr of course). I tried on yesterday as I couldn’t remember how much they affected me. Umm, I was all ‘Whheeeee woosy’ and very much sleepy. If I do need to take it, I think I will just have half! :)


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