Self-Portrait Challenge – Blogtoberfest Day 13

Joining in the Self-Portrait Challenge. I took the photos using my iPhone and Hipstamatic and the new Bettie XL Lens and Ina’s 1935 Film. My fav combination with hipstamatic so far. I took the photos while cooking dinner. As you can see I was being quite silly with the capsicum!

Are doing Blogtoberfest? You can add your Self-Portrait link over at TinnieGirl’s fab site.


  1. Haha! I love these photos! I’m so intrigued by all the photography apps on iphone. I don’t own one but my husband does and I really want him to try it. Although now I’m thinking I want to try it too. Thank you so much for visiting my blog today :-)


  2. Me thinks you enjoy cooking too much! (Come cook for me, won’t you… just don’t bring the capsicum… ick!!)


  3. Thanks all! :)

    Megan – Hipstamatic is really wonderful. I have a few photo apps but I really only use this one. If your husband buys Hipstamatic, to get all the lenses and films, some cost an extra $1.19 for each ‘pack’. I wasn’t interested in the iPhone for ages, but now I have one, I love it. :)


  4. Vic – heh Your comment must have come in as I was replying!

    I do love cooking, the only problem is that I am not a tidy cook. The kitchen looks like a bomb site after I finished. Still want me to cook for you?!

    I’m not all that keen on capsicum, but add it as others in my family are. Yellow capsicum is sweet and nice, not so keen on the other two. Although when I cooked last night, we had run out of oil for the stir fry, so I used the pork rinds as the ‘oil/fat’. The capsicum was good after cooking in that! Just not healthy lol!


  5. oh you sexy thing! I LOVE the capsicum pic – you have stunning eyes girl! The green really shows them up. I was away for the joining up for Blogtober-fest. Oh well, next year. Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. *blush* Thank you Joyce! :)

    I’m enjoying Blogtoberfest, it’s hard some days to think of something to write, but it is really getting me back into regular updates.


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