Knitting Flowers

I am now completely obsessed with crochet. I am determined to get my granny squares all tidy and even. Practice makes perfect they say, so I am practicing, practicing, practicing. I’m excited to try crochet flowers next and then work up to one of those gorgeous crocheted shawls, such as this one I saw on Ravelry.

While I may be crochet obsessed, I still enjoy knitting. A recent-ish book purchase was ‘100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet’ by Lesley Stanfield. Gorgeous book, so many lovely flower patterns. The patterns are written in a clear, easy to follow manner and I can see this book being one of my favourites.

In the photo you can see the first flower that I have knitted from the book, a Poppy. I used 8 ply yarn, although I can’t remember which brand. Will have to find the label. It was a quick, fun project. I’m going to sew a brooch backing to the flower so I can wear it on winter coats and jumpers. I was thinking about adding it to a hair-band or clip but thought I’d get more use out of it as a brooch.


  1. oh you too! I have been scouring our book shops here the last few days, however, nothing quite like your lovely collection of books. Might have to order online. I do much prefer to shop locally if I can.


  2. I like the look of that book. Will have to add it to my book list to get. Can you believe my wish list at the book depository is 151 books LOL As I type this Lolly the cat is curled up bird watching right near the bird cage. I will have to keep an eye on her. Need the bird to go back in one piece when my nan gets back on Friday!!!


  3. Joyce – I’m going to try Book Depository for my next book purchases. So much cheaper than books in shops here. I do feel bad not buying local, but I don’t have a local bookshop and I can’t afford the high prices. I do love supporting second hand book stores tho – can afford that! Seriously, I have the same problem, most close book shops don’t get the books I want and take ages to order it in.
    Book Depository:

    Julia – It is a gorgeous book! Even just to read and look at the photos. I can see my wishlist getting that long at book depository lol! I only just discovered it so I am excited at how reasonable the prices are! Have you ordered from before?
    hehe I can just picture Lolly eyeing the bird! Does the bird make any noises at her when she is watching? When my Max is near the windows here (inside) the local native myna birds go nuts squawking at him. Funny to watch! :)

    I’m off to make my own gigantic wishlist!


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