I made a Granny Square!

I finally figured out how to make a granny square! It’s not perfect but it is my very first granny square that actually looks like a granny square. I am so excited! After so long trying to understand crochet, I’m getting close. Ooh, maybe soon I will be able to try all those fab crochet patterns that I’ve seen in books and online. I used some Holiday 8 ply wool and a 4.5mm crochet hook. The yarn is a bit splitty, it’s only Kmart type yarn, but perfect for all the practice rounds of crochet I’ve been making.

I’m excited to have made a granny square, but also to have persisted in learning something, even though I thought I wouldn’t be able to figure it out. I regularly give up projects before I have even started because I think I will do it wrong. Every stitch in this square is a reminder to myself that I can learn new things, I just have to give it a try and practice. Enjoy the whole process, including the mistakes along the way. I’m learning that mistakes aren’t scary, they can be fun & they can help me learn how to do something correctly. Yay for learning new things!

I learnt using the following videos:


  1. Your granny square looks great. See you did not need the book I suggested after all. I just got home from work. I am a legal secretary and work Monday to Friday. I wish I had time to sit down and learn to crochet. I do a lot of waisting time. Looking at craft blogs, thinking about crafting, thinking about what I am going to buy next for my next craft project. Admiring the books and craft that I have just bought. LOL


  2. WOO HOO – high five to you – that looks awesome!! ha ha – uh-oh, you are going to be hooked now, how much fun is it!! even after the mistakes, like you said, at the time they were frustrating my squares were wonky and all over the place, but I persisted, and now that I have gone through the mistakes, I know what NOT to do for my crochet and it all makes sense to why mine were going wonky too. What a great feeling to ‘get it’. I so look forward to seeing what you make.


  3. Julia – Thanks! I am still going to get that book, the ones for children are written so much clearer and they have cute patterns! I do a lot of the wasting time too – reading blogs, bookmarking patterns etc I need to more of the actual crafting! lol! :)

    Joyce – Thankies! Oh yes, I am already hooked with crochet! I don’t remember being quite as excited when I learnt to knit. Crochet seems more fun and has more possibilities to me, at least in terms of creating my own patterns. It is so awesome when you ‘get it’ huh? :)


  4. Thanks so much Pip! Your crochet school posts helped immensely! And not just crochet – your method of making slip knots is so much easier than how I was doing them. Yay! Thanks for all your sharing and creativeness Pip. :)


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