I really do need to do something about this blog, don’t I? I’m back to study at Tafe and have been very busy with study and learning. The perfectionist in me demands full marks or as close as possible, which means a lot of study! I enjoy it! Pippin keeps me company and helps me notice the important sections! hehe

Pippin and I, studying Marc21

If anyone is still visiting this blog aside from the Googlebot, what did you or do you, enjoy about my writing and blog? Now that I have my schedule more in hand, I think I will get back to blogging. Would the occasional library related post bore you? Or perhaps those are better elsewhere on a dedicated blog. Hummm.

Hello, again! I should have said that first. How have you been, dear reader?


  1. Did I just get called a Googlebot??

    Haha :) As long as RSS feed stays the same and updates properly, I’ll read whatever it is you post :D


    • haha! I wonder what a Googlebot looks like, anyway? You know, if it had a physical form. :)

      Thanks for reading! I shall try to actually do more writing! hehe


  2. I think your blog is yours, t do with as you will, and if you want to post then it can be about anything really. Then you’ll feel happy that your blog is not feeling neglected!!


    • Yes, good point! I think I spend too much time *thinking* and not doing in terms of this blog! :)


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