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As you may guess from the title, dear reader, I have decided to complete my Library and Information Studies course ( I may have previously alluded to this). I had gone back to web design for a year but found my heart just wasn’t in it and I was completely sick of demanding, rude clients who thought they could take as long as they wanted to pay invoices. Do not want! Some of my current subjects are Cataloguing, Acquisitions, Databases and Information Research. Those are not the exact class titles, but sum up each class quite nicely. When I finish, I would love to find work in the Cataloguing/Archival areas.

Now that design can be for fun, I’m slowly starting to find my creative spirit again, particularly in terms of my own sites. This site will likely change a bit, every now and then, as I tweak the design and get it to look just so. In working on this site, I was browsing through my archives and discovered that on March 20, I will have been blogging for twelve years! There have been a few pauses in there, but hey – I’m still one of the early bloggers from before Blogger itself and even the ability to post a comment on a blog! That dates me a bit, too!

With some travel time each week, I’ve gone back to working my way through The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I’m almost up to the end of the second book; no spoilers, please! It is amazing how fast time flies once I start reading, I’ve almost missed my stop a couple of times.

I shall post a few photos next post; some of the Kittens who are growing in leaps and bounds (or should that be fluff and meows?) and also some general snaps, including some of my latest stitching project. Mmmm stitching, I think I shall do some tonight!


  1. Twelve years?? Wow, I started blogging on 8th October, 2004, so it’s only eight years for me. Mid you, I didn’t see a computer until we had one BBC for the whole school in my second or third year of teaching!!
    I’d love to work in a Library, and I hope that your studies go really well this year.
    Kittens grow very quickly, and they are almost cats before you know it!!


    • I was surprised when I found my old blog files that it was that long! Before my blogiversary, I will have to try and get those original posts imported into this blog.

      I’m really enjoying the studies, a lot to do but it is enjoyable. :)

      The kittens have a pattern with growth, they eat a lot more than usual one day and then sleep a lot the next few. Then a bit later they seem bigger! hehe

      Hope you and the Labradors have had a lovely day!


    • Thanks Sarah! I’m still tweaking the site when I have time but I like how it is lighter, too.

      Hope you have had a lovely day!


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