On The Shelf

I’m enjoying the new memes, especially ones that can include photos. A new one from Pip at Meet Me At Mike’s is called ‘My Place & Yours‘. The theme this week is On The Shelf. I decided to take some photos of my vintage cooking and craft books.

Top Shelf

Mainly vintage cook books.

Middle Shelf

More vintage cook books + a lantern from our wedding that we made

Top Shelf

A mix of vintage craft & cook books + vintage cocktail forks


  1. don’t ya just love old cook books, do you still make any of those meals with decorative pinaple circles?


  2. I haven’t done one with pineapple circles – yet! I have done things like using an orange to hold toothpicks with cheese & pineapple, cooked some dishes from retro cookbooks (with frankfurts and baked beans!) and made devils on horseback – nom!

    Hmmm….I have some pineapple rings. *plots*


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