Meet the new additions to our family!

On the 15th of July, we adopted two little kittens from a local rescue organisation. Meet Pippin and Merry, brothers and absolute bundles of cuteness! They had been relinquished to the pound by a man who promised he would (finally) get his cat desexed. Her five little kittens would have been euthanised perhaps the same day, if our lovely foster/rescue worker had not been there. All kittens have been rehomed! I hope their Mum is being looked after well, too!

The photos above are the ones taken by the foster carer – many more will come soon! I thought I would use these as their intro photos, as Pippin’s photo is the one that melted my heart and led us to them. *squeee*

Originally Pippin was called Bushells and Merry was called Brittany; he was presumed to be a girl then! Oops! We renamed them after a few days of name considerations. I almost called Pippin ‘Avon’ of Blake’s 7 fame. But it didn’t suit as well as ‘Pippin’ does. Virtual cookies for those who immediately understood where our name choices come from!

We actually went to meet Pippin only; as I was holding him and getting to know him, Merry ran up my Husband’s leg, climbed onto his shoulder and mewed “You are my hooman! Take me, as well as Pippin!“. So we adopted them both! While they are both ‘ours’, Pippin is my baby and Merry is my Husbitect’s baby. They each have their ‘hooman’!

They are just over four months old now and are lovely, loving little kitties. We believe they may be Maine Coon mixes. They rarely meow, they chirp, trill and chirrup! They have tufted ears like a lynx, and have ‘ear furnishings’. Pippin has a very pronounced ruff around his neck (Merry’s is a bit shorter) and they have a double-layered coat. Very big feet with toe tufts, fluffy tails and they will be big boys – even the vet has observed this!

Whatever breed they are, we are both very happy and fortunate to have them in our lives! They are very much loved, not to mention spoiled! Yay for kittens and cats!

And yes, I am back to blogging! Finally!
(and I am addicted to ‘!’ it seems. Ooops).


  1. Oh, luck Merry and Pippin, and they are aptly named if they have big hairy feet!! I am so glad you were able to adopt them, kittens are such fun and will definitely keep you on your toes!!
    I had been toying with a B7 name, but I have to find one that meets all my criteria: ends in a long ‘E’ sound, doesn’t start with the letter of important words like Come or Sit, and doesn’t sound like a ‘real’ name!!!


  2. 2paw – They certainly do keep us on our toes! It’s amazing seeing their personalities develop!
    Ah, I read something about names ending in ‘E’ being appealing to Cats and Dogs. It does seem to work.

    Lina – Thank you! Pippin is chuffed with your comment! ;)
    His colouring has changed a little since the above photo; some of his ruff has thinned for summer, so less grey until winter, and he has other white/silver patches appearing. Merry is a little more silver now. More photos soon!


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