Until We Meet Again, My Gorgeous Boy

On April the 1st, at about 9pm, our darling Max passed away in our arms. His precious little head, cradled by my arm. He became very ill and was starting to feel pain from his illness. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make, and I am lucky that I had my darling Husband with me. The veterinary hospital staff were lovely, and we had a private room with a lounge chair.

Max was (and is) my darling Kitty for over 15 years. He was my best, and for most of that time, my only friend. He loved me through my sad times and always knew when I needed some Kitty snuggles and purrs. We crafted together, listened to music together, watched birdies together and at night, he would sleep on my pillow or under the bedclothes, snuggled by my feet. I miss my little Max more than words can say.

Not having a house of our own, or a special, safe place to bury my baby kitty, we chose to have him cremated. Again, the veterinary surgery (Small Animal Specialist Hospital) and the cremation company (Pet Rest) were lovely and helpful. Max was returned to us safely and in only a few days.

I have his little casket with his ashes in one of my vintage cabinets. On either side are my two large black Cat statues – one for Max and one for Puss, my first kitty. They guard at either side and at the front I have four little miniature ornaments of black cats. I also have a special box with some of my first Cat’s fur and now, some of Max’s fur. I have surrounded them with Max’s favourite toys.

The picture I hold in my heart, the wish, is that Max and Puss, my two black Kitties, are together now in Kitty Heaven. All safe and not alone as they have each other. And one day, I hope I can be reunited with them once more. Until then, I trust that God will look after my Kitties, because I believe that God is there for animals too.

Goodbye for now, my darling Max. Thank you for your love and for being such a wonderful friend. Trust and stay with Puss, she’ll protect you, and you her. Until we meet again, my darling Boo. xxxx


  1. Alysha, big hugs to you. oh gosh, your darling Max is out of pain now, and he will always be with you, watching you and loving you. I had a little cry while reading your beautiful post on your dear friend.
    I have missed you in blogland, and I hope you are travelling along ok with your man.
    Cyber hugs to you.


  2. Joyce – Thank you! *hugs* I’m still grieving my Maxie Boo and have some days where I am okay, other days I’m all tears. Yes, me and my man are going strong (in a new house even) Thank you for your words and hugs! xx

    Suyin – Thank you so much. *hugs*

    Tiffany – Thank you! *hugs*


  3. I feel for you. My darling Jasmyn died at the beginning of this year (she was about 15 or so) as a result of sudden onset hypertension and related issues. We also chose to have her cremated for the same reasons as you and requested a beatiful urn that looks like rocks – currently on the mantlepiece. Its never easy when you lose a friend.


    • Thanks, Vix. I’m very sorry for your loss of Jasmyn, also. I look at Max’s urn daily and remember him, he was a very special Kitty. Thanks for your comment!


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