The Wanderer Returns

Hullo thar! Kind reader, does thouest rememberest me?
*cough* Perhaps it will help if I stop writing in very strange ‘accents’. heh

Yes, I am back. The last few weeks have been quite busy and most importantly, I have been taking care of my beloved Husbitect after he had surgery a couple of weeks ago. Not major, super life-threatening surgery, but serious all the same and with a lengthy recovery period. All is good now, he is up and about and experiencing much less pain and discomfort. Yay!

I’ve also been busy working on some web sites for clients (I am a freelance web designer) and at the end of the day was a bit ‘computered out’. But I am over the busy period now and feeling like getting back into my little blog. I have much catching up to do in blogland.

Regular alyshajane blogging will now resume!


  1. Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out. I did like Welcome Back Kotter. Glad the Husbitect is well and you too!!


  2. Hullo my darlink! lol, Oh it’s wonderful to have you back in blog-land, I have been looking out for you when I have been on but didn’t want to intrude by hanging around and being nosy. lol. So glad your darling Husbitect is all well. Wonderful to hear you have been busy with work. But the best news of all, is to have you back in blog-land. *happy dance*.
    It’s crazy stations here but one does have to accept the fact that ‘silly season’ is upon us, and silly it all is too. I am so hanging out for school holidays, so looking forward to catching my breath. Take care and yay!


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