Exceedingly Good Taste

I’ve only just come across Taste.com.au, but I can already see that it will be a much visited site. It has oodles of yummy recipes as well as articles to provide food for the mind.

Some delish recipes:
Baci ice-cream – Mmmm, Baci chocolates with ice-cream!
Champagne Risotto.
Cheese in a Box – with crusty bread, fresh asparagus and champagne? Food heaven!
Asparagus salad with pan-fried gnocchi.
Beef fillet with wild mushroom vinaigrette.
Bok choy with sticky Asian dressing.
Mushroom & bok choy risotto.
Chocolate crepe cake.

A few articles:
Food Matchmaking.
Got Bilk?
Food focused profile of Illawarra and Kangaroo Valley.
Iron Chef Downunder; an interview with Iron Chef French Hiroyuki Sakai.

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