Life is Good

I am still alive and well, even though I haven’t updated for a long time. My life has changed in many ways over the last few months and in particular, the last two weeks. I did move to Sydney, but not to where I thought. Originally, I was going to stay with a relative or friend of the family while I looked for work. But things changed, as they have a habit of doing. You see, I was asked to live somewhere much, much better. Better, because it’s with the someone who I’ve given my whole heart to; my love and I now live together and life is wonderful! As I type this, he’s sitting less than an arms length away, awww. The photo below was taken when we were at Port Stephens. Mmmm, my handsome one. ;)

My Love and I
Another way my life has changed is through a change of careers. Not finding much in IT/Design, I applied for a wider range of jobs. I was fortunate to get an interview with one business, then a trial day and then, I got the job! I now work in the Sydney cbd, a short distance away from this famous tower. I’m not entirely sure whether I am allowed to mention where I work on my weblog, so for now I’ll just say that it is a retail position. A very steep learning curve as I have never worked in retail before, but I’m getting the hang of things and haven’t made any really silly mistakes…I hope!


  1. Good to have a post from you! I’m so glad you are so happy and things are going well! I kind of figured they were, when you get really happy it is hard to find the time to do things like post. You want to spend all your time with them! I’m sending you lots of good vibes that your life continues on its upward turn!


  2. Was starting to think I needed clearing of the cache. Hey, I work near that particular tower too. But not in retail. Though I would say I like retail. It’s one of those jobs you can just walk away from at the end of the day with minimal to no hassles on the brain.


  3. Lish! I found your weblog again. Glad to see some familiar faces again. I’m so glad for you. :heartbeat:


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