Designz (couldn’t I have been more creative with the name?!)

While sorting through some old files, I came across some of my earliest digital photos taken with an old Polaroid digital camera. I also found one of my first pieces of digital art from a period when I was fascinated with aging photos and making them look like worn prints. Oh yeah, I also loved adding water drops and flowers. Back then, I spent hours designing intricate art including very small illustrations of jewels. One of my first web sites, hosted at Geocities, offered free web graphics and was called ‘Designz’. I would scan flowers, leaves and other items and then manipulate them into photo realistic backgrounds.

Thinking back now, I wonder why I stopped designing in that style? At one point, my work was going to be included on a cd that would accompany one of Andy Shafran’s books on Paint Shop Pro (I cut my designer teeth in PSP!). Then there was the time that I was invited to write a couple of chapters on Flash animation in a book to be produced by members of a design community I belonged to at the time. Both books never went through from the publishers end (I’m not entirely sure about the PSP one, however), but it was still nice to think that I was considered for those projects, even if they never actually saw the light of day. Maybe I’ll get another chance to write for publication in the future!

Anyhoo, two of the photos I found and one piece of digital art are behind the link below.

Early Creations

One thought on “Designz (couldn’t I have been more creative with the name?!)

  1. These are great photos! It is nice to go back and see things you’ve done in the past isn’t it. It kind of reminds you were you have come from…and sometimes how good you really are!

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