Inchezonya! Blogtoberfest Day 9

I’ve linked to Charles Phoenix previously with his faboo video and recipe for Cherpumple. Today I noticed that he has another new recipe with video for Inchezonya! Mmm, we want to make this for a fun Christmas meal, perhaps using leftover Christmas roast for the mince.


  1. I don’t know. I love enchiladas and I love lasagna, but the though of combining the two just doesn’t do it for me…lol!


  2. Hullo Alysha, how are you? We are home, sweet, sweet, home from our little holiday away. It’s so good to be back and today I am madly catching up with everyone in blogland. lol. A very happy wedding anniversary to you and your darling man. I so love your wedding dress! Oh its perfectly beautiful, and you look like a princess in it too. Re the dinner party from ‘the good old days’ how wonderful and what fun, I so love those dresses from that time, the shoes, the pace. Have a lovely week at your place.


  3. Karin – I think it sounds yummy, but I do have a liking for weird food combinations. Like french fries dipped in thick shakes, peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, cheese & jam (Jelly in the US) sandwiches. Yeah, weird! lol!

    Joyce – Glad to hear that you all had a lovely holiday! Traveling with a caravan sounds wonderful, something me and the Husbitect want to do one day.
    Thank you for the compliments! :)


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