eBay Treasure (Blogtoberfest Day 5)

Another fabulous find from eBay. You may remember from when I last bought a retro sideboard from eBay, that I have a penchant for naming furniture. Well, not all furniture, just my two retro sideboards. My newest of these I have named Bettie after Bettie Page.

Solid white oak, glass top and a glass shelf on the inside. There is also a cutlery drawer and another two shelves behind the door. Bettie was a gift from my Husbitect for our Wedding Anniversary. I have plans to line the cutlery draw with felt or perhaps velvet if that is more in keeping with the period? I haven’t completely decided what to keep in Bettie as yet, but I have put some of my kitschy and cute retro collectibles on the two main shelves.

Eclectic, yes?!

A new to me vintage blog that I think is totally faboo is ‘Into Vintage’. If you also love retro, vintage and kitsch, you’ll love this blog!

Do you also collect retro things? Something else maybe – what do you collect? I’d love to know!


  1. Hmm, I don’t collect anything per se, I like Labrador things, green things, old knitting books, are they retro?? I love Bettie, and without googling was she a risqué model/actress type person??? I may have seen a doco about her on SBS.
    Your sideboard is delightful and so are the contents!! Cow: is it a milker???


  2. Yes – I count retro knitting books as retro! I shall email you – I have some doubles you may be interested in since you like old knitting books, too. They need a good home! :)

    I must admit, I have never seen any Bettie Page movies (are there movies??) and my knowledge of her is limited. But I think she was a risqué model/actress. I like her because I envy her retro hairstyle (the fringe or bangs, as they are known in the USA). Is that sad? hehe :)

    The cow is a milker! I was after one for so long so I was very excited when I finally found one. I cannot resist the cute/retro/kitsch (and maybe tacky!).


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