Two Less Lonely People in the World

I’m really teary as I sit here now, writing this. My life changed forever today. It changed in the most positive way I could ever imagine. Earlier I had realized how my emotions were heading, but today I knew for sure – I’m in love! In love with the most wonderful, handsome, amazing man that I could ever dream to meet. He’s everything that I ever dreamed I would find, and more. So much more. I just never thought that he existed, I certainly didn’t think I would ever be fortunate enough to find him.

And now, I seem to be having some kind of delayed reaction, because I’m crying. Not in a sad way, in a happy way. In a way, that means there is just too much inside my heart and it needs someplace to spill over. I never ever dared to hope that I would ever meet a man who could make me feel like this. And now that I have, I don’t want it to ever end.

Oh gosh, talk about turning on the waterworks! As we were driving back earlier, I was watching the sky and the clouds and the thought that popped into my mind was that not only has my life changed, the way I see the world has changed, forever. Everything, every tiny little thing looks so much brighter and more beautiful.

I don’t know what I did to ever be this lucky, but I’m thinking that I must have done something pretty wonderful in a past life, if there is such a thing, to have deserved to experience what I have today. I could say more, but I think the more that I have to say is just for his ears only. And oh, I can’t wait until I’m close to him again.

How can one life suddenly change so much? How can it suddenly mean so much more. All I know is that my life will never be the same. In a very, very good way. There is this tiny part of my heart that can’t believe this is happening to me. How can I be that lucky…am I really awake or I am dreaming?!

And Mr. Wonderful, my adorable, because I know you will read this; you know you have my heart. I just hope you don’t mind all my gushing. It was just too much to contain inside! :wub:

Today will be the day that never shall grow old
~ Someone, Air Supply.


  1. I can only imagine the pent up… frustration, that will reign down upon Mr. Wonderful, haha :)

    You say you’re the lucky one, and that may be true, but he’s damn lucky if you ask me ;)

    Great news! :D


  2. Glad to hear that you are feeling so well! Sounds like you are keeping busy too!

    Tried to have something sent off to you by Christmas…but I think you are going to have to wait until Jan….at least it gives you something to look forward to other then Christmas!


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