No Smoke Without Fire

Photos of the smoke from one of the Blue Mountains fires:

No, those aren’t clouds, that’s smoke:

Ugh, and now, minutes after posting this, I can hear lots of sirens nearby. I hope they aren’t fire engines. It’s getting very windy here which isn’t good at all…

5 thoughts on “No Smoke Without Fire

  1. Wow. That’s very intense! Long ago, in a galaxy far away, I spent a summer in the Black Hills, fighting forest fires among other things…

    Hope you and yours are ok!

  2. Thanks for the thoughts! So far we’re safe, though I really feel for those in Blackheath, Mt Tomah and Faulconbridge, they seem to be in direct threat at the moment. They are planning on backburning around here later tonight, but that is more precaution than anything else.

    Soon – it does give some good photos, I agree. Though I would rather it not be from bush fires all the same! I’d rather something that doesn’t threaten people and nature. :cwy:

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