I am a Human Barometer

Ouch! I woke up feeling out of sorts today and have a nasty headache coming on. This time of year is nearly always awful for me. On one hand, every time the barometric pressure changes I get a headache (plus ear pain) and on the other I find it difficult to breathe easily depending on the amount of humidity in the air (crisp, cold air is best for me). Judging by my headache, I’ll be surprised if we don’t get a storm later on today.

Even though they do make me feel a bit icky, I still love storms! My favourite weather is the type that most people dislike; heavy rain that goes on for days, mists and heavy fog, storms with hail and of course my absolute favourite – snow! Hmmm, maybe today is the day I finally manage to get a photograph of lightning!

Afternoon (2pm): Yup, here comes the storm!

One thought on “I am a Human Barometer

  1. You and me both! I’m still trying to get over another cold and my head is pounding…UGh….Trying out our new computer. Seems just as slow as the other, so we might need to change our broadband now….geesh….Nice new computer though. Hubby has been playing with it all day!

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