Anyone reading this use Ravelry? I’m Lysh on Rav, look me up. Hmm…after looking at my profile, I can see I have a lot of updating of projects and adding of stash to do. Naughty Lysh!

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  1. Hi Alysha

    That was very kind of you to join my link-a-long thank you. I was a bit disappointed that I did not get much of a response to my linky. Maybe they just need to get to know my blog a bit better. I wanted to make it different then My Creative Space on Thursday at Kootoyoo. Do you think it is too similar? Anyway I am soooo glad it is the weekend. I have study, I am making cakes and I have crafting to do this weekend that should keep me busy enough. My sister is on Ravelry I will probably have a look and join too. Have a good weekend.

    Kind regards

    Julia (Daisy Girl)

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