Enjoying the Rain

Ah, I do enjoy rainy days. The sound of rain against the windows, the sparkling of each drop, the misty look of the trees in the distance. Rain, wind, snow – my favourite weather. I was born in winter and I am definitely a winter girl! I don’t mind nice balmy spring days but once it starts getting above 24c, I become super whiny girl. I am in my element with this lovely cold, wet winter.

The material in the photo above is some gorgeous forest patterned material I found at Ikea. The colours are gorgeous and there are cute animals like foxes and squirrels. I’m not sure what I will make with it yet, I want to find just the right project. It might also be a good idea if I learn how to use a sewing machine first. I do have one, I’ve just not used it yet. It’s a cheapie from Kmart that I thought would make a good machine to learn on. Another item on my list of things to learn.

Today I’ve been getting some things done that I previously kept putting off and boy does it feel good to have finally done them! I’m still knitting my ribbed scarf but must admit to being tempted to casting on another project. There are so many lovely patterns out there. But I am going to try to behave and finish the scarf before I start anything new.


  1. oh such lovely colourful fabric, can’t wait to see what you make with it. Love the scrabble tiles too.
    I love rainy weekends, sleep in, jammie days, spent playing board games, cooking, snuggling on the
    lounge and reading books. ahhhhhh.


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