Do you ever think about your life thus far and wonder if, given the chance, you’d live more wilder, more impulsively? I do. My 20s were kinda tame expect for a few exceptions. I keep returning to the thought that now I’m in my 30s, I want to live more wilder. More spur of the minute and less thinking. I usually think too much. For the rest of my 30s, I’d like to think less and do more. I think I have a 20-something wild woman inside, who’s been locked up for so many years, she needs to get out more and and make up for lost time. I don’t use my life in a way that suits who I am inside. Does that make any sense?

People seem to always think that I’m some kind of precious little petal (I’ve been nicknamed just that – petal). Delicate, even. I may seem that way, but I’m not really. That’s just an act. I’m a lot more passionate, quick tempered and more impulsive. I have more of a wild streak than people typically think I do. It’s just that in the past, I haven’t always showed it (because I was too concerned with what other people thought). Which just goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. Still waters and all that. Rowwrrrr! ;)

My star sign is Leo and my chinese astrology sign is the Tiger; I’m truly ruled by the nature of the feline. I am very hot-headed. I have an extremely short fuse but if I like you, I’ll be forever loyal to you. I like my solitude, my ‘me’ time, but I also love people. I’m fascinated by other people and what makes them tick. But at my most shallow, I must admit that I like a good ego stroking. Flattery does get you everywhere, after all. From now on, I want to live more like me. Live like a Lioness and less like a plain little mouse. That’s so boring!

One of the other things that I’ve learned while getting to know my own nature again, is that I really don’t care what other people think. That is so liberating. It helps me enjoy life – to heck with what others think! There is only one person living my life, and that’s me!


  1. SNAP!! I’m a Leo and Tiger too!! How weird is that??? You are so right about liking or loving yourself first. I learned that what I think about myself is the most important thing. It is very strange because I was always on about fostering personal development and self esteem, and limiting negativity, when I was teaching, yet it was hard to do it for myself. Happy Roaring a la Helen Reddy!!!


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