Books Are Good

Books are good. Very, very good.

I collect retro craft and cooking books and especially love to find books that have an inscription, notes, pieces of paper marking pages etc. One such book is below. It is ‘Modern Gelatine Cookery’ and has an inscription to Elizabeth from her Mama and was given as a present at Christmas in 1973. I like to find books like this and keep them cherished.


  1. It is lovely when you find a little gem like a note inside a vintage recipe book. I recently was looking through an old recipe book that belonged to my mum and found a letter from a friend to her dated the 22nd of February 1945!


  2. The scary thing is that I bought some of those books new!!! Lovely collection. I have books that were my Dad’s and the inscriptions were so formal. A book given to him by his parents is inscribed..’To David, from Father and Mother. Christmas 1950′ Thank You for visiting my Blog, it wasn’t so pretty this morning hiding in thick fog!


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