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Crafty Lass

The main crafts I enjoy are knitting, spinning and most recently, sewing! I also love to get out in the garden and am in the middle of planning a new garden; a mix of ornamentals, herbs and vegetables. I have two Ashford spinning wheels, a Joy and a Traditional, as well as a teensy collection of spindles. My sewing machine may not be fancy but it doesn’t smell like burning rubber every time I use it like my old one did, which is fantastic! I have a basic Brother machine. I’m very new to sewing having only just mastered the basics like threading the machine. What I lack in experience I make up for with enthusiasm! I already have a small fabric stash and a collection of sewing tools. Other crafts that I dabble in occasionally are embroidery, paper crafts and crochet. Crafting is wonderful, whatever the medium!

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