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Of Stock, MacGyver and Flu

Typical, get thinking about posting regularly again and then get the flu badly! The last week has been full of trying to get rid of the flu and laying on the lounge chair watching daytime tv – something I only do when I am sick. Yay for repeat episodes of MacGyver! Did you like MacGyver? I loved it…and pretty much everything else Richard Dean Anderson was in, especially Stargate SG-1. If you also like MacGyver, you might enjoy the MacGyver Lexicon.

I am currently making chicken stock for tonight’s Chicken and Fennel risotto! OmNomNom. I should return to cooking dinner lest I burn it!

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  1. Sad to read you’ve been poorly. Yes MacGyver is fabulous, I love everything about it!!! Always have. Have you seen him in Legend?? Very good too.
    No I do not follow any celebrities though I sometimes chance upon McKay from SGA. He is most amusing.
    Happy holidays.


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