Gaming in Skyrim

The Husbitect and I have been thoroughly enjoying playing Skyrim over the weekend. A game that was worth the wait not to mention the hype. The gameplay is enchanting and fast-paced, whether you are exploring the lands or following the main quests. The graphics are awe inspiring, although I wish my rig was up to playing in Ultra HD!

Skyrim - Solitude Harbor

My current character in Skyrim, a Breton but will play a Khajiit next!

I’m hoping someone creates a weight/encumbrance mod soon so your character can carry more items. It’s frustrating to get to the lowest level of a cave or other such location, find much treasure and not be able to carry it! Hurry up modders!

Are you a gamer?


  1. I watched the ‘making of’ and the promo. It looks like a very fabulous and complicated fantasy series. Sadly, I am pants at playing anything other than Moshi Monsters (not too good there) and Solitaire!!!!!


    • It is amazing, almost like a movie with the way the gameplay moves. I don’t play as many games now as I used to, just a few. And I do love Solitaire!


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